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best microphone for rap vocals
Even if you have got the hottest flow and some crazy lyrics, poor microphone may ruin your tracks. Getting a decent gear is an investment; you can record good quality audio without a need to visit a studio all the time. Even though there is no specific mics for...
AT2020 vs Blue Yeti – Which One To Choose?
Finding a good quality USB microphone in the low-medium price range can be quite challenging as there are a number of microphones available in the market. Therefore it is important to keep the below parameters in mind while buying a microphone that fits your budget and meets your requirements....
best condenser mic
Condenser mics are prevalent in the studio recording circles. The novelty of these cutting-edge gadgets has surpassed my initial expectations of acoustic quality. It revamps subpar audio by streamlining (or should I say condensing) it to finer details matching the high-end sound quality of radios. It’s for this reason...

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