Best Airbrush Makeup 2019 Updated – Guide & Reviews

best airbrush makeup kit

Airbrush makeup is an advanced type of applying makeup on the skin. It is the most sophisticated and the most complicated alternative as well. First of all, you are going to need an airbrush makeup kit. Although there are a lot of them, choosing the best airbrush makeup set is tricky. There are several elements in it, and each one must work perfectly in order to apply makeup as you want. Luckily, we will reveal some of the best models for 2019.

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – Quick Overview

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – Reviews

1. TEMPTU 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit

best airbrush makeup kit

The TEMPTU 2.0 Premier is simply the best choice you can make. In the package, you will get a compressor, action gun, hose, starter kit, cleaning kit and 12 pack for the foundation. It is suitable for beginners, but also for professionals. Maybe this sounds contradictory, but the secret is in the compressor and the action gun. Both of them are designed to be as easy to use as possible, but also to provide amazing results. All airbrush makeup reviews of the owners have proved that steady air flow is guaranteed with this model.

We also liked the fact you get a foundation set, so you can start with makeup process as soon as you get the kit. The second advantage is the cleaning set. You must know that all of these kits require proper cleaning, in order you to get the best results. If it isn’t cleaned, a kit may be ruined. As such, this model is simply extraordinary and we are certain it will last for a long period of time. The total weight is 3.5 pounds, making it useful for usages on different locations, like a travel kit. The bottom line is that this is a high-end airbrush makeup kit that should be taken into account.


* Steady airflow.

* The compressor is practical and powerful.

* Cleaning set is included.

* Easy to install and use.


* Price is slightly higher.

* Easy to clog up when used improperly.

2. Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Personal Starter Kit – Professional Cosmetic Airbrush

best airbrush makeup

This kit is more than just interesting. We were impressed with the look of it. You can see the quality and how well-made it is. There is the design as well. It looks modern and far more expensive than it actually is. For those who are planning to use the kit in professional/commercial applications, this is more than just important benefit. Nevertheless, the dimensions are small, making it suitable for carrying on travels. Thanks to it, you will be ready in a minute for perfect photography.

A compressor features a dial that is used to adjust the pressure you want. Due to the fact different makeup artists, require different pressure settings, we can say that this is anextremely important advantage. In addition, the action gun is precise and suitable for the most demanding makeup process. With the kit, you get 5 different shades, you choose. We tried them as well, and they are high-quality units. For the end, there is warranty. This kit comes with a 1 year warranty, meaning that you will be safe to use it anywhere and how much you want.


* Compressor dial is accurate.

* Powerful kit.

* Small dimensions.

* 1 year warranty.

* 5 different shades are included in the package.


* Slow.

* The surface of the kit is sensitive to scratches.

3. Art of Air FAIR Complexion Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

best airbrush make-up kit

Simple, powerful and professional are the best words that describe this kit. It has been developed for professional usage, but thanks to the simplicity it would be suitable for beginners as well. The action gun is chrome layered, so it looks like far more expensive models. The price is very affordable, but there are no drawbacks with the quality nor similar issues. It may be the best airbrush makeup set you can have right now. Note: If you are looking for your first airbrush makeup set, this model is the best choice for you.

We will have to mention that in the package, you also get primers. One of them is ananti-aging primer that has been known for its efficiency. A charger and a bag are included in the kit. The dimensions are small and compact, perfect for smaller carrying bags. Try to remember that you can use this kit, for more demanding operations, where perfection is a must, so it is far more than just a beginner’s kit. In addition, it has been made by one of the best manufacturers in the business, so there are a few additional benefits.


* Affordable.

* Easy to use.

* Primers are included in the package.

* Precise.

* Carrying bag is included.


* Obsolete design of the compressor.

* Action gun may be heavy to some individuals.

* Hose.

What is airbrush makeup: Basics you will have to know

Airbrush makeup isn’t new but according to the professionals, it is the best type of applying the makeup on the face of a person. It was used for the first time in 1959, for the Ben Hur movie and ever since this technique is gaining popularity. It involves three components, a compressor, hose and action gun. In essence, a primer or a makeup will be applied in thin layers on the face, without leaving any marks from a brush, which is normal for conventional makeup.

Obviously, specialized makeup primers and makeups are needed. Some kits come with pre-included primers, which is suitable for all newbies. Despite the fact they are pre-included, they guarantee a high level of quality.

The pressure of the compressor can be adjusted. All models here come with a dial that allows you to choose the value you need. This is another, mandatory setting. Makeup artists need this adjusting in order to apply the makeup on the skin as they want. In simple words, this setting allows you to apply the makeup wider, narrower, thinner or thicker layers. Models without this capability are not recommended.

Pressing the trigger on the action gun, you will release the air in a specific amount, needed for the makeup to be applied perfectly on the desired part of the skin. Thanks to this feature, airbrush makeup can be used for tanning as well. Action guns are complicated elements. The main one is the nozzle itself. It has to be replaced and changed when an artist wants to get a completely different effect.

The last basics you will have to know is that each kit must be properly cleaned after the use. If not, the primers and the makeup may clog and harden inside the air paths which will damage the entire unit!

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Benefits of the airbrush makeup

As we mentioned earlier, airbrush makeup is advanced and more than a just useful method to apply the makeup on the skin. It is also commonly used in the entertainment industry and all of this due to the following benefits.

* Mandatory for HD videos

When recording in high definition resolution, it is possible to spot irregularities in the makeup. It is perfectly normal, considering a makeup was applied with a brush or a sponge. Airbrush makeup doesn’t have this drawback, so it is mandatory for recordings and pictures that involve HD. Best airbrush makeup professionals and treated as artists and their capabilities are endless.

* No limitations

The ordinary makeup process has a lot of limitations. If we add the fact that even the smallest mistake can have a catastrophic effect on the entire appearance, we can assume that

perfection is hard to reach. Most of the limitations come from the brushes and sponges that have been used to apply the makeup. They are impractical and they cannot provide the same quality on all parts of the face. Airbrush makeup can reach all the areas and the makeup itself will be evenly applied, so it simply doesn’t have any limit.

* Much quicker than all other techniques

Conventional makeup processes can last up to 10 hours. This is annoying for the person and it is extremely difficult to withstand it. Airbrush makeup is much shorter and it is possible to complete the process in 2 minutes (simpler ones). In addition, more advanced processes can be completed in 1-2 hours, which is still much quicker than any other technique you can think of. Keep in mind that because it is quicker, it doesn’t have drawbacks. This technique is commonly rated as the flawless way to get the perfect look.

* Safer

Because airbrush makeup doesn’t involve direct contact with the skin, there is no risk of picking up bacteria or impurities. It is the safest technique right now, highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

* Lasts up to 24 hours

We mentioned that airbrush makeup uses different primers and ingredients. Well, most of them are well-developed and they can withstand a huge amount of pressure and damage. The bottom result is that this type of makeup can last up to 24 hours and still look as impressive as it did at the beginning. Of course, this is reserved for more specialized applications, due to the fact there is no need for 24 hour lasting makeup in most situations.

* Waterproof and sweat resistant

Silicone-based makeups are known for the impressive capability to withstand water and sweat. They are commonly used in the most demanding videos, where actors or models must be exposed to the water, pressure and etc. The best part is that the makeup will still look natural and professional, even after this treatment.

Disadvantages of the airbrush makeup

As usual, there are a few drawbacks, but they are minor, compared to other techniques for getting a perfect makeup.

* Hard to remove

Even the best airbrush makeup artist will have a hard time removing all the makeup he applied. It is normal if you know that makeup has been applied to all pores and inches of the face. Luckily, there are some simple things that can make this drawback less scary.

* Expensive

If you want a professional look, you will have to hire an artist. Because this proves is treated as art, you will have to pay for it. However, it is possible to find a decent airbrush artist that will

deliver a high-end result, but the price will be low. If you are planning to use an airbrush makeup kit to make a profit, then this is a benefit for you.

* Maintenance

Each airbrush makeup kit must be installed properly. This means that you must connect the hose, plug it in and etc. In essence, this will have to be the main part of your process. Then, we come to the adjusting the pressure, testing and additional checks. The bottom line is that this technique is time-consuming to prepare. Even worse, a kit must be cleaned each day, especially the brush itself. If not, it can be ruined.

* Require electricity

Ordinary makeup can be applied anywhere you want, but airbrush makeup can be used only where the electricity is available. This means that there are no simple retouches whenever you want them. For those who travel in nature, this isn’t a recommended technique. Addition: Because they run on the electricity, airbrush makeup kits may be loud, at least entry-levels.

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Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – The bottom line

The bottom line, when it comes to the best airbrush makeup kit is simple. This technique and these kits literally offer dozens of benefits and advantages. They have been used in some of the biggest entertainment industries since the 60s and they are even more important right now. Try to remember that the technique is good as the kit that provides it. All models here are high-end units, capable for professional applications, like contouring even. They are well-made, affordable and they offer impressive results. All airbrush makeup reviews by the current owners will prove to you these claims.

It may look impossible to find an affordable best airbrush makeup kit that can be used for professional operations, but with these models, it is possible. Want to be a celebrity or an artist? These models help you.


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