Tuesday, January 21, 2020


best permanent makeup machine

Best Permanent Makeup Machine 2020 – Comprehensive Guide

Quality matters, but good equipment is not everything. Choosing best machine for permanent makeup is a real challenge for people who start their adventure with permanent makeup. After comparing the offers it turns out...
best eyebrow pencil for sparse brows

Best Eyebrow Pencil for Sparse Brows

Thanks to a well-styled line of eyebrows, your eyes seem bigger and your face looks much younger. If you are not skilled in adjusting your eyebrows yourself, it is safer to go to your...
best way to wash your hair right proper way

Best Way to Wash Your Hair

The best way to wash your hair is to have a trained professional stylist do it for you. Unfortunately, this is a luxury that not many of us can afford. Since the vast majority...
mascara usage

Mascara Usage – All You Need To Know About Mascara

Haven't you found your perfect mascara yet? It's time to change that! Mascara is the most important make-up product, yet the hardest to find one that'd fit your needs. It's worth starting your search...
best eyebrow trimmer for ladies

Best Eyebrow Trimmer for Ladies in 2020

The ideal, face-fitting shape of the eyebrows can soften features of your face or add seriousness when needed. The well-groomed eyebrows also improve the looks of the whole face. There is no doubt that...
what is dermabrasion for the face

What is Microdermabrasion for the Face?

That's the secret to the impeccable skin of the stars! What is microdermabrasion for the face? Have you ever wondered what is the secret of stars whose complexion even on close-ups looks almost impeccable? The...
best microdermabrasion machine at home

Best Microdermabrasion Machine at Home for 2020

Everyone wants perfect and glowing skin, but not everyone has time to pay your favorite beautician regular visits. Does that mean you should give up on microdermabrasion at all? Absolutely not! Let's take a...
best matte red lipstick

Best Matte Red Lipstick for 2020

Nothing is more feminine than sexy red lips. Timeless matt lipsticks indicate elegance and character. Lip make-up will make us look special even in a simple t-shirt and jeans. We can choose from a...
best mascara for false lash effect

Best Mascara for False Lash Effect in 2020

Love the false eyelashes effect but not a big fan of actual false lashes? Wondering if there's a mascara that could replace those artificial, sticky tufts? Luckily, there is! I tried 8 products trying...
Best brush for mineral powder foundation

Best Brush for Mineral Powder Foundation – Choosing The Right Brush

You probably know that choosing the right brush to apply mineral foundation is very important and affects the quality of your makeup. The only way of picking the best brush for a mineral powder...