best way to wash your hair right proper way

The best way to wash your hair is to have a trained professional stylist do it for you. Unfortunately, this is a luxury that not many of us can afford. Since the vast majority of us have to wash our own hair at home, it is a good idea to learn the basic rules of hair washing.

Right Way To Wash Your Hair

The most important thing is to use the right products for your particular hair type. Hair that is permed, colored, or highlighted will require a shampoo specially formulated for chemically treated hair. Hair that is limp and fine can benefit from a volumizing or thickening shampoo. Hair that is coarse and dry will require a moisturizing shampoo. The same rules apply for choosing a conditioner. Choosing the right products is half of the battle.

The next step is to determine the frequency of washing. Hair that has not been colored or permed can be washed every day, while hair that is more fragile should be washed every other day. Shampooing the hair too frequently can cause haircolor to fade, while shampooing the hair too infrequently can cause the hair to look greasy and oily. There is no definite rule which dictates how often the hair should be washed. How often you wash your hair will depend of your particular needs.

To effectively clean the hair, the hair must be completely saturated with water. Most of the dirt and debris which accumulates on the hair and scalp can be rinsed away in the shower with water. Once the hair has been thoroughly rinsed, it is time to shampoo. Work the shampoo into a lather in the palm of your hands before applying to the hair. This will ensure even distribution of shampoo throughout the hair.

When shampooing, avoid the temptation to vigorously scrub the scalp. Fingernails can easily cause microscopic cuts and scrapes to the scalp which you cannot see or feel. Shampooing should be done using the fingertips, not the nails. After the hair has been thoroughly shampooed, the hair must be rinsed until all of the shampoo has been removed from the hair. If the shampoo is not completely rinsed out of the hair, your scalp will feel itchy and flaky. Often, the “flakes” you sometimes think is dry scalp or dandruff is actually residue left in the hair after shampooing.

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Finally, the hair should be conditioned. The type of conditioner used will depend on the health of the hair. Dry hair will require a stronger conditioner than normal hair, and hair that is extremely healthy may not even require a conditioner at all. To get the best results, the conditioner should be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out. Once the conditioner has been rinsed out, you will be ready to dry and style the hair.

Best Way to Wash Your Hair – All You Need To Know

The Proper Way to Wash Your Hair – Washing Frequency

Let’s start from the beginning. As well as choosing the right cleansing products, it’s important to determine how often you want to wash your hair. When it’s better to wash your hair depends on both the condition of your hair and your scalp.

How often should I wash my hair?

There are two takes on that question. The first is that hair can and should be washed as often as it is needed to always feel fresh. The second is that you should limit the frequency of washing your hair. What is the consensus?

If your hair gets greasy very quickly, you should choose to wash your hair every day, but always with a mild shampoo (e.g. for children) without strong detergents. Women wash their hair on average every 2-3 days and this is the optimal frequency. The principle of washing hair is simple: Wash your hair when you feel it is not fresh. However, it is not recommended to do it more often than once a day. It is worth remembering how many times you should shampoo your hair during one bath. Hairdressers do this twice and for at least 5 minutes to ensure that your hair is cleaner and fresher for longer.

Washing your hair often and hair greasing – what is the truth?

It’s said that the more often you wash your hair, the more it becomes greasy. High levels of SLS, SLES and other strong detergents can actually rinse out the natural protective lipid layer and dry out the skin, increasing sebum production. This is why a shampoo for washing greasy hair must be gentle and an appropriate conditioner must be used immediately after washing. Daily hair washing is then not harmful.

Washing hair often might turn out beneficial because walking around with greasy hair and accumulated sebum can lead, for example, to weakening of bulbs and inflammation, which in turn means excessive hair loss.

Is it better to wash your hair in the morning or in the evening?

Here again, the choice depends on individual preferences. Hair can be washed in the evening as well as in the morning. But there are some important rules.

Hair washed in the evening must be dried before going to bed, as wet and untied strands are much softer and more susceptible to mechanical damage such as rubbing against bedding. Depending on how fast our hair gets greasy and what the current temperature is, hair may not be fresh all night even though it has been washed just before bedtime. However, there’s nothing wrong with shampooing your hair in the evening, if that suits you.

But washing your hair in the morning is better. Most importantly because you can apply your favourite oil into your scalp before going to bed. This kind of oiling your hair overnight is much more effective because for a few hours of sleep, the oil nutrients can be better absorbed into your hair roots. In the morning, just wash, blow-dry and style your hair as always. Not only will it be much fresher than after a whole night, but it will be healthier and more beautiful thanks to the action of the oil.


What does step-by-step hair washing look like? What to remember before, during and after washing? There are a few basic rules to follow to improve hair washing and give you better results.

– Water. Can I wash my hair with cold water? You’ll find that washing your hair with cold water speeds up hair growth. In other sources, that it is harmful. The truth lies in the middle – lukewarm water is best for washing hair. Don’t use either cold or hot water to dry out the scalp and increase oily hair.

– Combing. Do you comb your hair before or after washing? There is no doubt about it. Thoroughly combed hair gets less tangled when washing and cleans better, so reach for the brush beforehand. This way, we avoid having to brush immediately after washing, because combing wet hair is not good for them.

– Shampoo. In this regard, it’s not only important which shampoo to choose, but also how to apply it. The shampoo should be tailored to your hair type, have a fairly natural composition, and be free of strong cleansing agents. Do not apply the shampoo directly on your head and it is better to rub it first in wet hands. What is important is that you only wash the scalp with the shampoo and cleanse your hair by rinsing it off with a frothy product. Scrubbing your hair with the shampoo all over it can destroy it.

– Position. What position should I wash my hair in? The comfortable position for washing your hair will be different for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you wash your hair on a sink, bathtub or in the shower. There is only one rule – always wash your hair with your head down.

– The way. Best way to wash your hair is by a gentle massage of the scalp with your fingertips. You can slightly compress the hair, but jerking, rubbing, scratching etc. is not allowed. If you dry your hair from excess water, the same rule applies. This must be done gently, without rubbing your hair with a towel. Push the excess water into an absorbent material or paper towel and leave the hair to dry so as not to damage it.