hair care for dry hair

Learn how to take care of dry hair. Find out how to take care of your dry hair and which dry hair care products are best.

Dry hair is usually the result of inadequate care after summer or winter. Weather conditions can also cause dry hair to appear.

Dry hair can be created by: Frost, sun, salt water or colouring. Check what dry hair looks like and how to care for it.

Hair Care For Dry Hair – What You Need To Know?

Dry hair is very frizzy, electrifying, has split ends, breaks very easily and is rough to the touch. These types of hair get tangled up very easily, which makes it difficult to comb, and can form knots on this type of hair. If you see similar symptoms in your hair, it’s important that you choose the right care. Specialised cosmetics will restore the condition and shine of your hair.

The right way of taking care of dry hair

Dry hair should be properly moisturized, for this purpose it is worth using a shampoo with keratin. It is also important to wash your hair with a conditioner. A light conditioner can be applied before shampooing, so that the strands are even more nourished. Then shampoo your hair and apply a mask that doesn’t weigh down your hair. Leave the mask on your head for about 30 minutes for a better effect.

If you want to thoroughly moisturize dry hair, it’s worth investing in products containing urea and d-panthenol. There are many products rich in these ingredients (conditioners, shampoos, rinses or masks). Other ingredients that will positively influence the regeneration of our hair are honey, aloe vera, linseed, collagen, elastin or glycerine. When caring for dry hair, it is worth to use various types of oils that keep moisture in the hair.

When caring for dry hair, it is worthwhile to use the OMO method (conditioner-washing-cleaner). Apply a light conditioner to slightly damp hair, then wait several minutes and rinse it thoroughly with cool water. Then wash your hair with shampoo, which was previously diluted with water. The last care step is to apply a conditioner. This may also be a mask that will nourish your hair. It is best applied for more than 30 minutes to enhance the effect of the mask, you can apply a cap or wrap it around your hair with a towel.

How do I avoid drying my hair?

  • Cut the ends regularly,
  • Rinse your hair with cool water,
  • only dye your hair in hairdressing salons,
  • After washing your hair, let it dry naturally,
  • Use natural cosmetics, those that do not contain silicones.

How to take care of dry hair – 7 practical tips

They’re brittle, rough, difficult to arrange – that’s what they are when they’re heavily dry

Your hair is very dry? The reason may be the lack of sufficient sebum. The reason may be insufficient work of sebaceous glands of the scalp, although dry hair quite often goes hand in hand with seborrhea problem. Hair may be excessively dry due to external factors: weather, overheated air in overheated rooms and care – use of inappropriate cosmetics, hair pins and erasers that squeeze hair tightly, brushing too vigorously.

Hair Care for Dry Hair – Tips

The basis of care is a light but strengthening hair structure and moisturizing shampoo. The cosmetic should be designed for dry hair (look for such information on the packaging). It should contain active ingredients such as: ceramides, vegetable oils and fruit acids. If you don’t have problems with oily scalp, don’t wash it too often so that your hair doesn’t get dry after washing (drying, styling).

Massage the scalp gently while frothing the shampoo. This will not only thoroughly remove impurities and sebum, but will also stimulate blood circulation, thus oxygenating and nourishing the hair bulbs. The condition of your hair largely depends on its condition.
Avoid hot water when washing (wash in summer), as this also makes your hair dry and sensitive to mechanical damage. Use cold water for the last rinse after washing – this will close the hair follicles and strengthen them.

Dry the washed hair by towel-drying the water. Don’t triangle! Then dry at room temperature. If you need to use a hair dryer, use lukewarm air (don’t set it to maximum heat). Hold the appliance about 20-25 cm from your head. Previously, spray your hair with a special heat protectant. This will not only protect your hair from damage, but will also make it easier to comb.

Once, twice a month, about an hour before washing your hair, apply a mask (previously slightly moistened) with vegetable oil – karite butter, oil, hemp oil, etc.

If you are colouring your hair, choose dyes without ammonia, because it dries your hair.
Gel, paste and hairspray should be avoided, as these products have a drying effect. They often contain alcohol, which dries the hair and causes the scales that cover it to deflect (the core of the hair is then deprived of natural protection and the hair breaks easily). Look for preparations designed especially for dry hair – they are safer.



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