how to bleach bath hair

A lightening bath is a softer way to lighten hair than traditional lightening. How to prepare it? Can you do it yourself at home? Many women think about how to lighten their hair. Of course, you can use the traditional method, which is to apply a bleaching agent to the hair. This will probably be the best result, but it will put a lot of strain on our hair. Falling out hair, falling out strands, dried ends – these effects are normal after bleaching. So we’re increasingly thinking about how to lighten your hair without weighing it down. A lightening bath will help to make your hair brighter and at the same time leave it in good condition. Let’s see how to bleach bath hair.

A hair lightening bath – what is it ?

The hair lightening bath is prepared by mixing a bleach, shampoo and conditioner. This gives it much less hair-destroying hydrogen peroxide. The treatment itself is also much softer than traditional bleaching. What is it about?

Hair sauna – a treatment that makes your hair shine and regenerate.

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Use a lightening bath when you want to lighten your hair by 1-2 tonnes. This will warm up the colour a little bit and give it a gentle reflex effect. The treatment itself involves applying the above mentioned mixture to damp hair. We apply it as if we were washing our hair with it. It’s best to start with the ends, as the roots lighten up faster, just like with classic lightening or colouring.

Leave the mixture on your head for about an hour. After that time, wash your head thoroughly with shampoo and lukewarm water. Hair should be lighter after drying. However, this type of bath will only work if your hair is light and you want to lighten it further. It doesn’t help if you have dark hair. Then you will need a classic lightening up.

How to Bleach Bath Hair – can you do it at home?

A hair lightening bath is best done in a hairdressing salon. Then we won’t risk something going wrong. But if you’re confident in your hairdressing skills, you can try this type of hair lightening at home. How do you prepare this lightening rinse yourself?


  • Hair brightening shampoo
  • Hair oxidant
  • Ordinary shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner

Mix the lightening shampoo with the oxidant in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. Mix it with the shampoo and conditioner. Apply the mass prepared in this way and leave it on your head according to the instructions above.

Lighten your hair at home

You can do more than just lighten your hair at home with a lightening bath. There are different ways to lighten your hair naturally, without destroying it at all. The most natural of these ways is, of course, to expose your hair to the sun. But not just that! Especially since this type of bleaching is difficult in our country when there is so little sunshine all year round. So what are the other natural ways to lighten your hair?

Brightening shampoo

As I mentioned above, there are brightening shampoos. If you have a blonde hairstyle, you can wash your head with this shampoo. By using it regularly, your hair will become much brighter.

There are a lot of these products in drugstores. They usually include the following products, which we can also use on our own hair. The most common natural lightening ingredients are honey, lemon and camomile.

Honey and lemon mask

Honey and lemon are products that can be found in the kitchen and are great for lightening hair. Just prepare a mask from them and apply it at least once a week.

Mix 2 teaspoons of honey with the juice squeezed out of half a lemon. Then apply the mask to your hair and put on a foil cap, which is then wrapped with a towel. Leave the mask on your head even for a few hours. Then wash it with lukewarm water. Finally, it is important to wash your hair with a conditioner.

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Chamomile rinse

A camomile rinse will also be perfect for home hair brightening. Interestingly, camomile will not only brighten up our hair, but will also keep our hair from getting greasy and grow faster.

All you need to do is pour boiling water over your purse with dried camomile. Then you leave it to stretch and pull it out. Combine the infusion with cold water, then wash your head and rinse your whole hair with the prepared rinse after the last rinse. It is then advisable to leave the hair to dry itself.

Step-by-step lightening of the hair bath

Hair brightening bath is becoming more and more popular and more often performed on its own. When is it worth doing it and what results can you expect? In this article we show you how to do this step-by-step treatment and what you should pay special attention to.

Do you want to lighten your hair yourself at home? Wondering how to get perfect light hair without strong colour tones? The answer is a lightening bath! Immerse your hair in a lightening bath and look like a goddess right away! Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the whole procedure to make your experience memorable and safe.

What is a lightening bath?

The basic process of lightening hair is to oxidise it. This process effectively lightens the hair, but its consequences are quite destructive. Lightening in this way can have a very negative impact on hair structure and make it fragile and weak.

Since hair oxidation is a very aggressive treatment, using it can be very risky, especially if you have fine and fragile hair by nature. So a bleaching bath is an ideal alternative. This process does not cause damage and is almost completely safe for all hair types.

On the other hand, a bleaching bath is therefore a much softer procedure and differs significantly from the usual bleaching process. In this procedure a diluted solution is used, which is much milder for the hair structure. Shampoo is added to the mixture and applied to wet hair.

Washing the hair brightening bath, also known as lightening bath, is less intense and violent lightening of hair. This treatment does not damage the hair structure, unlike standard oxidation, and is therefore a good alternative if you want to get specific results.

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When using a lightening bath for hair

Brightening is perfect to:

  • Lighten dark hair slightly when we plan to apply a slightly lighter colour than our natural
  • starting colour,
  • add delicate light reflections,
  • brightening, no more than about 1-2 tons,
  • to unify the colour of your hair before colouring it.

A lightening bath can also help if you plan to apply a very fine, white or pastel colour to your light hair and are afraid to get greenish highlights. However, it’s important to remember that bleaching your hair with bleaching is always combined with a warm final colour, so if you want to colour your hair a cool shade afterwards, you need to get the right tone.

If your current hair dye doesn’t want to go down, don’t worry. This treatment can be extremely useful in removing permanent hair dye and removing traces of it. A home bath may not be as effective as a normal lightening process, but it is far less harmful to hair. If you have brittle hair, this minimal lightening effect can be directly ideal for the look you want to achieve.

How to Bleach Bath Hair

To prepare your whitening bath, you must have three essential ingredients: whitening powder, peroxide and shampoo. You should also take advantage of the advice below.

Do an allergic test

If you want to take a hair lightening bath for the first time, this step is necessary to avoid unwanted reactions. Dip a cotton ball in the bleaching mixture and rub it in your hand. If your skin turns red or itchy, you are most likely allergic to any of the ingredients. But if you’re not sure, wait 48 hours and check for further changes. If nothing happens, you can continue the procedure.

Mix the bleach, developer and shampoo in a bowl

To make a proper rinse to lighten our flosses properly, use a powder brightener and oxidizer. We grind them in the amount recommended by the manufacturer, and then add a portion of shampoo or conditioner to the mixture obtained. The addition of a washing agent will allow the mixture to foam properly on the hair and spread it better on the hair surface. The application of the conditioner provides a stronger regenerative effect. However, the more conditioner in the mix, the less effect the lightening bath will have. However, at the same time the conditioner will also partially reduce the adverse effects of the lightening bath. Finally, add some warm water to the prepared mixture.

Moisten the hair with cold water

The whole procedure is performed when the hair is damp, not wet. Wet the hair under cold water. Allow hair to dry for at least a few minutes before applying the mixture. You can even dry your hair a bit with a towel.

Wrap the towel around your shoulders

In case of soiling during the treatment, a towel can protect the skin and clothing from discoloration. It is also worth using an old T-shirt to avoid accidents. Don’t forget to wear rubber / latex gloves to protect your hands from burns.

Use a prepared brightener

After obtaining a smooth mass from the combined ingredients, apply it evenly on the head, on combed, damp but unwashed hair. It is important to protect your hands with protective gloves. Leave the mixture on your hair for 5 to 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes or so it’s worth checking the effect and massaging the mixture on your head so that it doesn’t dry out. If it dries too much, it may work less intensively, causing irregular stains in your hair. If you have very light roots in relation to the rest of your hair, it’s a good idea to apply the mix only a few minutes before you’re ready to wash your hair.

Wash your hair

Next step is to wash your hair. Wash the mixture with a shampoo containing large amounts of SLS and acidify with an appropriate conditioner. In this case, it is not worth playing with any natural cosmetics, without detergents. The main goal is to get rid of aggressive lightening agents. The very end of oxidation indicates that a lightening bath is a chemical interference in the hair structure, which will certainly not have a positive effect on the condition of our hair. It is still a very invasive method, not having much in common with the natural care effect. However, it is less invasive than standard hair bleaching, carried out with ready-made oxidizing mixtures or pure bleaching.

How do I care for lightened hair?

Nourish your hair every time you wash it. Use masks to deeply nourish your hair every two weeks to restore lost moisture.

Before using any heat styling tools, apply a heat protection spray or serum to your hair to prevent thermal damage.

Avoid using straighteners, hairdryers and curling irons for a few days after the lightening process as hair is more susceptible to damage.

Frequent use of left-in conditioners, serums and hair masks will prevent hair from drying out.

A whitening bath is a great alternative to bleaching and an amazing way to get a new image without damaging your hair.

How to Bleach Bath Hair – Bottom Line

In this article I’ve laid out all the basics on how to bleach bath hair. If we don’t want to expose our hair strands to too much damage and we don’t want to change the colour of our hair, it’s better to use natural herbal cosmetics or home made lightening masks, which give the effect of a delicate lightening, as well as a pleasant colour and light reflexes, after just a few uses. In this case, chamomile and lemon juice work best, ensuring the right end result.

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