airbrush makeup for wedding

Airbrush makeup is a wedding hit! It looks natural and is extremely durable – what is spray makeup?

Airbrush makeup, or spray makeup, is one of the most popular methods of painting today! And although you may associate it with a tattoo or permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry, because in this case the result is permanent but not…eternal!

Wedding airbrush makeup – is it for you?

So, how does airbrush makeup works? The airbrush system is a construction of two needles in the nozzle, which is maneuvered by the painter. One needle pushes out the air, and the other one pushes out the pigment, which gives you great control over the result you want to achieve in the end. The spray makeup method is very widely used in the film industry because it ensures the natural look of the face, keeping it clean and transparent. If you take a good look, you will notice facial lines, pores and wrinkles on the faces of actresses and actors in HD movies.

Airbrush makeup is perfect as wedding makeup because it is extremely durable. If you have this beautiful event ahead of you, consider this option – a visit to the make-up artist can cost a bit, but you will be delighted with the result, even after a long wedding night!

Types of Airbrush Makeup

Products designed for spray makeup can be different and there are many of them – primers, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, roses… And they are divided into categories:

1. water-based cosmetics guarantee a matte, full coverage, ideal for work in bright light, when the skin cannot shine.

2) Spray make-up based on alcohol – it is incredibly durable. It can last up to 5 days! However, it is important to remember that such an ingredient irritates the skin, so it is not designed for everyday use.

3) Spray silicone makeup. You will like it if natural cosmetics are your favourite cosmetic segment. It provides a finish with a “naked” skin effect. It tends to deepen the skin tone, so you usually reach for a lighter shade.

Self-contained spray makeup

Airbrush makeup has another huge advantage! It is completely hygienic because it does not require touching the skin. Before you decide on your own airbrush makeup kit, you should pay attention to some detailed information. First of all, the price. The cost of self-made airbrush make-up equipment can vary, depending on your needs, skills and circumstances. Special cosmetics, without which you will not be able to do use it, are another expense.

This type of make-up is definitely different from the classic one, so be sure to read (or watch) all possible instructions! However, it is best if airbrush makeup is done by another person. In addition to the obvious control over the distributed cosmetic, this is a safer solution as it is very important that none of the products get into your eyes. If you decide to experiment on your own, practice first on a piece of paper to train the technique.

Airbrush makeup step by step

Airbrush makeup equipment is best kept about 15 cm from your face. Start with a small series of products on selected areas of the face for better control over the amount of cosmetic. Spray makeup can be applied in layers, but you must leave the first layer to dry – apply another only when the previous one has dried. And remember that even minor mistakes and corrections can spoil the whole thing, especially with pink and highlights.


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