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Gym makeup has as many supporters as opponents. Does it really clog pores and ruin your skin? Or does it not affect your skin at all? Let’s take a closer look at best makeup for working out, and see if it’s worth it.

Best Makeup for Working Out – What Products To Use?

There are several ways to approach the best makeup for working out.


Strong makeup for fitness is not a good idea. Sweat in combination with make-up ingredients can clog pores and cause pimples. Fortunately, this only applies to high coverage foundations and concealers. Lighter cosmetics are allowed, although they should also be used in moderation.

Makeup for the gym should be delicate and consist of, among other things, a light liquid mineral foundation (the pressed powder ones, unfortunately, clog the pores a little) or BB cream. We only want to level the skin color, hide redness or bruises under the eyes. You only should use concealer if you really, really must. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it.

If you’re exercising in the outdoors, it’s essential to apply a filter cream to your face. Particularly in summer, when the sun is hot, and while skiing in winter, when the sun’s rays are reflecting off the snow – it’s when a layer of protective cosmetics is essential.

When you’re exercising in an enclosed room, the filter is unnecessary and even inadvisable – like any other cream, it will be an extra burden on sweating skin.

When working out, you should completely give up on your daily use of foundation, especially if it is a high coverage one. Replace it with Beauty Balm, or BB – it’s lighter, doesn’t clog pores, and effectively evens out and hides minor imperfections. Don’t use any additional concealers or powders, as your skin will still shine during exercise. Cheek blusher and bronzer are totally unnecessary – you will get natural blushes when exposed to heat.

Keep in mind, that powdering a sweaty face is a very bad idea. Note: For oily skin that is prone to eczema, it is worth to buy beauty care products with salicylic acid, tea oil or zinc. They should be the base for make-up for the gym.

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When going to the gym, you shouldn’t go for a dramatic look. Skip on eye lines or cat’s eyes. Put aside eye shadow, crayon, and eye-liner, which can easily smear under the influence of sweat, and as a result, irritate the eyes and leave dirty streaks on the eyelids.

How about a mascara? You could use a waterproof mascara to give your lashes some more volume if you need to. If you use a regular mascara, it will wipe off quickly, and most likely leave a bruising mark around your eyes. Not nice.

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A moisturizing lip balm should enough for the lips – using lipstick for fitness classes is also not the best idea. The colour will wash off quickly as soon as you reach for a sip of water or accidentally rub your lips with your hand. If you’re exercising outside, a lipstick with sunscreen will help. In winter, moisturize your lips well with a good nourishing lipstick to prevent frost and wind from chapping your delicate skin. When exercising indoors, it is best not to use any lip product at all or only apply a conditioning lotion. You can use a lightly colored lip balm to make your lips stand out a tiny bit more.

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Best Makeup for Working Out – Is it safe?

“New year, new me” – I’m sure each of us has made such a New Year’s resolution at least once. It is at the beginning of the year when gyms and fitness clubs are being flooded with newcomers wanting to completely change their bodies and their lives. Normally, after a month or so everything comes back to normal and only the most persistent ones remain.

Apart from choosing the right shoes or outfit for training, we also pay a lot of attention to makeup. Some ladies cannot imagine going out for the proverbial buns to the shop without a full make-up, others have no problem showing themselves in au naturel version. We understand that not everyone likes to show rounded eyes, uneven skin tone, or the new eczemas on the face, no matter if exercising privately with a trainer, in a group with good colleagues, or especially in a gym full of anonymous people.

What’s more, we realize that there’s not always enough time to wash off the foundation or mascara after work, when you’re halfway through town, already late, stuck in traffic, trying to get to the gym in time for the classes you had to book 2 weeks in advance. But is wearing makeup for physical exercise a good idea?

Is it Worth it Wearing Makeup For The Gym?

If your complexion does not require many adjustments and you look good without make-up, give it up. You’re most likely, going to sweat intensely during exercise. Every additional layer that makes it difficult to breathe is a burden on your skin. What’s more, sweat and high temperatures promote greater exfoliation of the epidermis. Clogged pores plus old, exfoliated skin is the best way to develop pimples and blackheads.

But what if your complexion is problematic and your daily make-up is a must?

There is a good way to do this. Go for a gentle make-up that minimizes the risk of irritation and is resistant to abrasion. This kind of make-up, made with special lightweight cosmetics, shouldn’t hurt even delicate skin.

“I only use concealer. Such a light makeup shouldn’t affect my complexion badly.” – we’ve heard it countless times in the gym changing room. So what about that kind of makeup for the gym? Most dermatologists won’t agree with this popular opinion. Sweat and elevated body temperature caused by physical activity leads to the opening of pores, and these are often blocked by heavy makeup, or to be more precise, the foundation. This leads to the formation of pimples and peeling of the epidermis. Besides, heavy make-up for the gym will not look perfect after an hour of cardio or weightlifting, and there is nothing worse than the sight of the foundation pouring down your face.

You’re still not convinced?

It’s not just a matter of sweat. During exercises, we touch mats, weights, grips or just the floor, which are never super clean, even despite frequent disinfection. It’s a perfect habitat for germs. Now imagine, that people normally touch their faces 3.6 times per hour on average, and you’ll realize that it is not only sweat that affects acne formation and skin condition.

In an ideal world, we should wash off our makeup, cleanse our face and apply a moisturizing cream or serum before a fitness class or gym training. If you work out outdoors you would use a sunscreen or a suitable frost protection product. After the workout that routine would be repeated.

What if we don’t have time for this or don’t want to show our imperfect self to the world? What kind of makeup for the gym to use that won’t hurt our skin?

Best Makeup for Working Out – What Else Should I Know?

safe for skin best makeup for working out in the gym or outdoors

A few years ago, popular cosmetic brands noticed how important it is for women to look good in the gym or when working out. That’s why some of them have developed special products dedicated to enthusiasts of sports activities. Gym makeup is focused on technologically advanced cosmetics, which are based on natural ingredients and SPF filter. It is always worth having some of the most important products handy, such as moisturizing cream (or serum), BB cream, hydrolate (softer than a tonic, will not irritate reddened skin), lip balm, and wipes or makeup remover.

Pupa, among others brands, introduced makeup design predominantly for training. The line called “Sport Addicted” includes a special concealer, powder, lip balm, mascara, refreshing mist, deodorant wipes, cryo-gel or Makeup Fixer.

The Clinique Fit offers a fluid with SPF40 filter, mattifying moisturizing cream, face and body spray, and refreshing wipes.

IsaDora offers a medium coverage foundation “Active. All Day Wear Make-Up”.

Tarte Cosmetics also has its products for girls who love sports. “Athleisure Beauty” includes vegan deodorant, lightening cream, waterproof mascara and matting powder.

Another choice is Puma x Maybelline line, which includes a highlighter, matte liquid lipstick (16 hours durability!), smudge-resistant mascara and waterproof eyelid shadows in the form of a crayon.

Best Makeup for Working Out – Bottom Line

Thanks to new production technologies, you can easily buy cosmetics that will not clog pores and at the same time effectively camouflage skin imperfections. These are perfect candidates for your best makeup for working out makeup bag. However, it is important to apply them sparingly and wash your face immediately after exercise.

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