how long does mascara last

Enhancement of the eyes is not just another activity. It is an art. It can redefine the eye lashes to make them look thicker, darker and/or longer.

Mascara has been used by women since forever now. While kohl was applied by ancient Egyptian women, in today’s world, it comes in all forms. But how it has changed over the years? And How long does mascara last?

How has mascara changed?

Egyptian Kohl was presumably made up of charcoal, otherwise known as soot. There has been a lot of improvement in the technology of the product. From being a messy paste in the early days to being stored in tubes with easy to use brushes; mascara has come a long way. The increase in its popularity has made it a product that is now a must have for most girls in their handbags. With improved techniques and the sheer ease of the handy devices, it is a crime to not deck up your eyes.

The latest mascara products are usually made up of oils, waxes, pigments and preservatives.

We normally assume only edible products such as dairy (milk) have expiry dates and need to be disposed off after a certain amount of time. You will be surprised to know that even non consumable products such as make-up have a shelf life after which they ought not to be used.  You must be wondering how? … Here’s how.

The shelf life

There are some rules and regulations regarding the manufacture of cosmetic products such as mascara. Similar to the labels on food products, the cosmetic companies ought to print the year of manufacture along with expiry date. Some expiry dates depend on the date they exit the factory and some, from the date they are opened. But essentially they all have expiry dates. They go bad if they sit around for a certain amount of time.

That is the crux.

Some manufactures get away with products without such details on the label. In such scenarios, it is up to the sensibility of the consumer to deduce the viability of the commodity for their own safety.

The consequences of applying outdated cosmetic products are many. Most often than not, the injury is irreversible. Mascara, being a cosmetic used for a sensitive and delicate area like the eyes, we ought to be extra careful about its usability.

The shelf life of mascara is around two to three months. There are clear cut signs as to when it must be disposed off before we cause irreversible damage to our eyes. One sign would be when it gets clumpy. Quite often, a weird smell could also be detected. At that moment, without a second thought, the product must be disposed off right away. So we needn’t and should not wait for the foul smell to arise. Simple common sense tells us to throw it out even before it becomes outdated

After all we only have a pair of eyes.

How Long Does Mascara Last – Expiry Date for unopened tubes

There is a different date for mascara which is unopened. The brand new unopened tubes of mascara can be retained without worry for about approximately two years. There are specific steps taken to keep the mascara clean and uncontaminated. The moment there are germs and possible signs of infections, it must be got rid of immediately.

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How to prevent contamination?

Chances of contamination arise especially when the cosmetic is used and shared by more than one person. Sharing of mascara is a sure shot way of spreading germs. In case it must be shared, there are applicators available that can be disposed off after a single use. Even with the disposable applicator, care must be taken to prevent second dip into the bottle. There is always a possibility for potential bacteria build-up.

If you have been hoarding tubes of mascara because you never thought they could expire, it is time to go shopping and get a new bottle of mascara, ladies!


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