how to remove makeup without wipes

Every day you put makeup on your face, you should also do makeup removal. Daily make-up removal will help you keep your skin looking young and fresh. Remains of makeup can clog pores and even lead to acne. See how to remove your makeup step by step.

How to Remove Makeup Without Wipes?

Face and eye make-up removal should be your daily face cleansing ritual. Of course, as long as you apply makeup to your skin. Thoroughly washing away the foundation from the skin, appreciating eyelids, mascara or even lipstick, will help you keep your look young and fresh for longer. What’s more, your skin will look much better the next day.

Why is makeup removal so important? First of all, because the colourful cosmetics left on your skin for too long become nothing more than an element of skin pollution. Remains of makeup (e.g. foundation) together with exfoliating epidermis clog pores. This can lead to the formation of skin eczemas.

Eye make-up removal

It is also part of taking care of young and firm skin. Thanks to everyday makeup removal you fight the signs of time.

The correct facial makeup removal step by step

1. Wash your hands!
It’s a very fashionable slogan lately. However, before you start removing your makeup, tie up your hair and wash your hands thoroughly. Remember, soap your hands for at least 30 seconds to kill almost all bacteria and viruses that remain on your skin.

2. eye make-up removal
It all starts with eye make-up removal. It’s the biggest challenge. Choose the right cosmetic product (e.g. a waterproof mascara or micellar liquid that can handle a regular mascara).

Apply micellar liquid or biphasic liquid very generously on a cotton pad. Then apply it to the eye and leave for about 20 – 30 seconds. The idea is for the liquid to start dissolving the makeup. When you feel the cotton pad glides over your skin easily, wash off the makeup towards the inner corner of the eye (never the other way around!). Be very gentle so as not to stretch the skin under your eyes.

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3. cleansing the eyelashes
Although you may think you’ve removed all your make-up from your eyelashes, this may not be so. Take your ear stick, soak it in the liquid you were washing your eyes with and thoroughly clean the lash line. That way you won’t rip them out.

4. cleansing of the mouth
Wondering what to remove lipstick or lip gloss? This type of greasy cosmetics are best handled by oil. You can use, for example, plain olive oil or just the liquid that you just washed your eyes with. Of course, use a separate, clean cotton pad. Remember, as soon as you see that the swab is too dirty and no longer absorbs cosmetics, change it for a new one!

5. face and neck makeup removal
Time to remove the foundation from your face. Micellar fluid is the best choice here. Micellar fluid will act as a magnet and remove impurities from your pores all day long and the rest of the cosmetic. Similarly, soak up a very, very rich cotton pad and gently remove makeup in a circular motion.

When you reach the neck, do it from bottom to top, never in the opposite direction.

6. face wash gel
If you think your skin is clean, I assure you it is not. You just got rid of your makeup superficially. Now it’s time to wash your skin and clean it properly. To do this, choose a gentle foam or facial cleansing gel tailored to your skin type. Gently rub the gel with your hands and apply in circular motions to the entire face. Then wash off with warm water.

7. tonic and cream
The last stage of makeup removal and cleansing is to restore the skin’s proper pH. Use a tonic for this. Now your skin is ready for further care, i.e. application of a nourishing cream or mask.

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What’s the best way to remove your makeup?

Everything depends on your skin type. For greasy skin, opt for lighter cosmetics, absolutely no alcohol! Alcohol only dries out oily skin, which can lead to even greater production of oily substances by the glands. All micellar liquids intended for this type of skin, as well as foams and washing gels will work well. It is worth to finish cleansing your skin with a gentle tonic for oily skin, which will restore its proper pH.

With capillary skin it is also worth taking care. Here, a gentle washing gel Pharmaceris N Puri-Capilium, which contains thistle extract (reduces skin redness), works well. This cosmetic is suitable for both face and eyes make-up removal (you can use it to remove eye shadow and mascara).

For allergic skin, also use appropriate cosmetics. For dry and sensitive skin, use e.g. a moisturising facial cleansing emulsion with Vianek wheat germ oil or a gentle Physiogel hypoallergenic gel for dry and sensitive skin.

With allergic skin, cosmetics should always be hypoallergenic. Here it is of course best to reach for Uriage, micellar water for normal and sensitive skin or La Roche-Posay, micellar water for sensitive skin. Micellar water with Nuxe rose petals will work well for mature skin.

How to Remove Makeup Without Wipes – Bottom Line

Not every cosmetic product can cope with waterproof ink makeup removal. Very often the producers of masks indicate what can be washed off. I use ink myself, which is not affected by micellar fluids or oils. It is dissolved by warm water. In case of traditional waterproof inks it is best to use oils or liquids with oils, such as Ziaja De-Make-up – a two-phase eye make-up remover. The same applies to lipsticks or lip glosses.


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