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Eye enlarging makeup is a perfect option for women who want to emphasize the eye, open it optically and deepen their gaze. Fortunately, even when nature hasn’t given us a roe deer’s gaze and an impressive range of eyelashes, we can manage with a few simple tricks. Check out how to make up your natural eye enlarging makeup step by step and find out which eye opening makeup to choose according to your iris colour!

Makeup That Makes Your Eyes Bigger

What is make-up enlargement?

Eye enlarging makeup is used to bring out the depth of the eyes even when they are naturally small and narrow. A few useful tricks are enough to optically enlarge and open your eyes. The whole fun part is to lighten and illuminate one part with lighter cosmetics, and to darken and dull the other with darker products.

The good news is that both delicate and strong make-up enlarging the eyes will work for literally everyone. Even a drooping eyelid, which is considered so problematic, is not an obstacle – just skillful shading and blending, and at the same time sticking to the rules. The limit of shadow application must be blurred, blending should take place upwards and lift the optically fixed part of the eyelid, and the appropriate parts must be illuminated. A cardinal mistake, especially when the eyelid is falling, is to draw the whole eye with a black line (including the lower eyelid) – in most cases this procedure works the other way round, diminishing our eyes.

How to enlarge your eyes with makeup? Step-by-step eye make-up
1. place the base under the shadows evenly over the entire eyelid. This will keep the makeup on throughout the day; the shadows will not rub off or fall off.

2. to make the simplest, most delicate make-up that enlarges the eyes, use the shades from the dull palette – beige and brown. Start by applying beige shade over the entire moving eyelid, which will be as close as possible to your skin colour. This will unify the eyelid and cover any spiders or bruises. You can apply a little shiny shadow in the middle.
3. mark the collapse of your eyelid with a slightly darker, cooler shadow. In this way you will make the eye look bigger and it will immediately appear bigger.

4. to further enlarge your eyes, you will need a dark crayon, eyeliner or brown or black shadow. Use your chosen cosmetic to draw a line at the lash line and then rub it with a precision brush or a simple cotton pad.

5. mark the outer corner of the eyes with brown eye shadow. Make sure the colour borders are carefully blurred to give your eyes an extra depth and makeup that’s multi-dimensional. The dragon eye never goes out of fashion!

6. use the same darker shade to mark the lower eyelid. But don’t paint the whole eyelid – start with the outer arch and stop about halfway through the eye.

7. highlight your eyelashes by lengthening and boldening them. In addition to mascara, a strong eye make-up that enlarges your eyes also requires the use of an eyelash curler, and preferably also artificial eyelashes. When it comes to make-up for the day, you can limit yourself to a few tufts glued in the outer corners – such a procedure will effectively open the eye and the effect will be very natural.

8th It is time to lighten up the selected batches. Apply the lightening, beige, whitened shadow in the inner corner and optionally also on the eyebrow arch, just below the eyebrow line. Some women prefer to use glossy shadows, while others put on matt – it is up to you. You can put beige crayon on the lower waterline.

Brown eye make-up
You have brown eyes? Lucky girl! You’ll be fine in almost any color. You can use beige, brown and pink eye shadows for a gentle makeup to magnify your eyes, but if you dare to go a little crazy, you can successfully reach for shades of blue or green (especially olives). You are only limited by your imagination!

The main rule when applying eye make-up is to use different shades from the same colour palette. The above instructions apply to dull shades, but if you choose green for example, follow the same rules. In the middle of the moving eyelid a lighter shade should land, e.g. a slightly shiny shade (e.g. seledine), and in the outer corners and the line of refraction there is room for darker shadows (e.g. deep, bottle green).

Make-up enlarging green eyes
Congratulations, you’re the rarest eye in the world! Green eyes have only about 4% of the world population. You can highlight the emerald iris in many ways. To enlarge your eyes, the bases for the above instruction are different shades of purple (especially plums) or brown and gold. To do intensive evening make-up, put on a set of black, mahogany and aubergine.

Blue eye make-up
The best shades for blue iris owners are copper, gold and tin, some of the most fashionable eye shadow colours. Avoid cold blues, violets and grays, and opt for warm hues. Don’t hesitate to try pink or even fiery red!
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