mascara usage

Haven’t you found your perfect mascara yet? It’s time to change that! Mascara is the most important make-up product, yet the hardest to find one that’d fit your needs. It’s worth starting your search by determining what kind of lashes you have. Whether they’re thick, long or short you will need to look for a correct brush to use.

An eyelash mascara is a basic cosmetic that every woman should have in her make-up kit. If you choose the right one, your lashes will be styled in an effective and satisfactory way. Most women have several types in their makeup arsenal.

Mascara Usage – Importance of Brush

The mascara brush is the most important thing when selecting mascara – always pay attention to the brush. Don’t give in to the illusion that massive brushes will deliver spectacular results and lengthen your lashes. This is not entirely true.

Experts consider thin and rubber brushes to be perfect. They are ideal for long and short lashes. Such a brush will reach even the shortest and thinnest lashes. This will give you a fantastic effect that highlights your eyes and makes them look seductive.

You can choose from:

  • classic brushes – all bristles are the same length. It allows for the most natural effect of gently darkened and thickened lashes.
  • Silicone brush – combing even the most tangled lashes, lengthening and curling them. Allows you to paint even the shortest lashes in the inner corners of the eyes.
  • conical brush – thickens and curls eyelashes. It works on half-long, straight lashes,
    the spherical brush – curls even the shortest lashes. Not suitable for long lashes.

Apart from brushes there various mascara designs, like 3D fiber mascara, or selection of products that will make your lashes look like falsies.

Basic functions of mascara

What are the most important functions of mascara? The most popular is lengthening, bold and curling mascara. Before buying, think of what kind of effect you want to achieve.

Also pay attention to whether the mascara is waterproof or not. Typically, the former are much more durable, less likely to settle and do not smudge in adverse weather conditions. However, you must remember that they are much more difficult to wash.

How to Use Mascara?

The method of eyelash makeup depends largely on the shape of the eye. If you have a slightly drooping eyelid, do not apply mascara on your lower lashes. Avoid this even with very long lower lashes.

If you want your eyelashes to look thicker and longer, gently powder your eyelashes between subsequent layers with a transparent loose powder. You can apply a thicker layer of mascara and at the same time your lashes will not be glued together.

Using mascara – practical advice

Once opened, the mascara is suitable for use for approximately 6 months. If you can’t remember when you started using it, check its consistency. If it is dry, it falls off and smells strange, the product should be discarded.

Wash the brush at least once a week to remove any excess ink that has accumulated on it. This will prevent your eyelashes from sticking together and overloading them.

Remember to close the box very carefully after each use. If the mascara has long contact with air, the volatile oils will evaporate and the consistency will dry out.

Insert the toothbrush slowly into the box so that it does not become airborne.

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Eyebrow mascara is still a novelty in the world of cosmetics. Most women, thinking about the mascara, associate it only with an eyelash makeup. But it’s actually more than that, and a common practice is using eyebrows mascara, too.

Many women have reservations about the appearance of their eyebrows. Either it’s the shape that doesn’t suit them, or the colour they find too bright. Some of them think that their eyebrows are too dense and others that they are too rare. They decide to adjust and improve the color of their eyebrows, but although it usually gives them a great shape, it also often causes other problems, with the color or its intensity. Both can be taken care of instantly in front of your own mirror. The right adjustment kit and eyebrow mascara will make this task easier.

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Eyebrow mascara usage – clarity and shape

Eyebrow mascara looks almost identical to the one for eyelashes. It varies in detail. First of all, it has a slightly different brush shape, which is also slightly smaller. This definitely makes it easier to apply the cosmetic to eyebrow hairs, because in some places they are sometimes small and very delicate. The mascara itself is much less pigmented than the one for eyelashes, because the eyebrows should not be a stronger accent on the face than the eye and carefully stuffed lashes.

Eyebrow mascara can be bought in several shades, which should be selected according to the individual colour of your face. Eyebrow mascara in the brightest shades is designed for blondes, providing a natural, but definitely distinct and underlined image of eyebrows. Cosmetics in darker shades and the most intense colours are usually suitable for brunettes.

It is very important to choose the right colour, but the eyebrow mascara gives great comfort. Making henna or permanent makeup always carries the risk that the colour and intensity will not be suitable.

Unfortunately, it happens so often. Eyebrow mascara, on the other hand, provides an optimal effect, because it is relatively easy to choose the right shade. You can even use different variants and, depending on the occasion, emphasize the eyebrows more or less strongly. Eyebrow mascara perfectly emphasizes the eyebrow arches and the whole face becomes more expressive.

Eyebrow mascara application

First of all, the eyebrows need to be carefully adjusted – only then should they be emphasized. Eyebrow mascara can be used in two roles. The cosmetic can be the only one to make up the eyebrows, and then it is enough to comb them thoroughly with a brush and then apply the ink. The operation itself is extremely easy and the eyebrows will be nicely marked.

The mascara can also be used as the last element of multi-stage eyebrow make-up. This usually starts with priming and combing the eyebrows. Next, a line should be painted along the bottom line of the eyebrows and then the upper line should be delicately marked.

The centre is filled with 70 per cent shade to the eyebrows, starting from the closest point of the nasal root. After thorough blending, so that no borderline is visible, you can move on to the final stage. After applying it, the eyebrows will be clear and perfectly complemented by careful make-up of the whole face.