eye makeup tips

The most recommendation is to have make-up which is water proof. Nothing ruins it for you like a little bit of water works – natural or otherwise.

Top 3 Perfect Eyes Makeup Tips

  • Tips for eye liner

Depending on the size of your eyes and what kind of make-up you would like, you can pick the equipment for it. A soft line or a stroke which is dramatic in nature can be selected.

One very good tip while applying the eye liner is playing the join the dots game. Place three dots on the eye lid as close to the base as possible and then connect the dots. You must begin from inside corner of the eye and finish at the outer corner. Make sure all the dots are being connected. It ought not to be crooked or shaken. If it gets messy, it can be made thicker in order to hide the flaws. A little bit of moisturizer can help with the dabbing. A cat-eye look can be created by extending the line from above the eye lid. It works best with a line that is smooth and free from smudges.

The easiest option will be a liquid liner. Deliberate smudging of the eye liner can work too. It produces a smoky smudged look if you smear it just a bit. It works best on the upper line lash.

A thin look provides the most natural and can be used every day. There are many styles of wearing the eye liner – the semi-outlined look or a smudged out liner with a smoky effect.

  • Tips for Mascara

Tired looking eyes can be made to appear fresh with the right style and intensity of the mascara.

While mascara types are all quite similar, the equipments can vary. The wand depends on how long your eye lashes are and what kind of look you would prefer.

Short lashes need small brushes.

If the lashes are already nice and bushy, an evenly spaced one works best.

Densely packed brush is needed for the full look

The spherical brush, whilst it is time consuming, gets the work done evenly and perfectly

A curved brush can curl better than a straight brush

Swirling the wand has a better effect

Placing a tissue under the eyes prevents some smudging

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  • Tips for eye shadow

The best brushes deliver good eye make-up. Investment in good quality brushes is a good idea. Not only do they last a while, they also make sure that the blending is better.

The light and the dark shades need to be blended well in order to be able to pull it off.

A white pencil lining before applying the eye shadow can help the colours to stand out. In order to get the smoky eye effect, creamy eye pencils have an intense effect which can be nice and strong.

Always make sure to put as little amount of colour on the brush as possible. It is a lot simpler to add more make-up and colour than to remove it.

Always remember to begin with your eyes when it comes to makeup. Foundation can be the next step so that whatever adjustment needs to be done can be kept in accordance with the eye makeup.