what is airbrush makeup pros and cons

AIRBRUSH shower makeup – silicone makeup for weddings and big outings. Airbrush is a silicone spray makeup that holds on perfectly to your skin for hours. A flawless effect is achieved by spraying a delicate coloured mist on the face. Airbrush makeup makes the skin look almost perfect because it masks any imperfections. What is the Airbrush spray makeup method?

The Airbrush method is most often associated with spray-on body tanning or artistic body painting. Currently, Airbrush makeup, already well known in the United States, is gaining its supporters also in Poland. The main advantage of spray makeup is its durability, which is undoubtedly an advantage in the case of wedding and evening makeup (makeup keeps its form even up to 48 hours after it is done).

The advantage of shower makeup is also hygiene. Dirty, reusable sponges, brushes and rubbing the base with a finger is unacceptable for many people. Spray make-up is made from a distance, so we do not expose the skin to bacteria and microorganisms. People with particularly sensitive skin, prone to irritation and imperfections, do not additionally expose it to unpleasant friction.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Spray make-up is performed by means of an airbrush, a miniature device used for precise painting. With the help of an airbrush, the paint is sprayed under the influence of an air stream. The device allows for free spraying of paint or cosmetics, and even precise painting of eyelashes, eyebrows and patterns using stencils.

The airbrush allows for extremely accurate and natural shading, modelling facial features, but for this you need to have some experience with the device. Transitions between colours and shades of cosmetics are almost invisible. To perform a full make-up, you only need a few drops of the cosmetic in a given shade.

The airbrush allows to spray shiny particles on the face and body, a delicate mist can add colour to pale d├ęcolletage, neck and shoulders.

Airbrush spray makeup – for whom?

Spray makeup can be done by anyone – regardless of age, gender or skin type. Companies selling Airbrush make-up kits offer cosmetic kits in various shades, adapted to skin types and skin problems. Nowadays, you can even buy cosmetics typically dermatological with healing effects for the skin. Thanks to the Airbrush method you can effectively hide discolorations, skin imperfections, tattoos, scars.

Airbrush makeup works perfectly as wedding makeup because it is very accurate, durable and looks natural. It is also a great idea for all evening outings, parties. People who own an Airbrush make-up set do it every day.

Airbrush Makeup Pros and Cons

Airbrush Makeup Pros

Spray make-up is very hygienic and is a major advantage for people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. The makeup is extremely durable and very natural. The effect of Airbrush makeup cannot be compared to even the best “manual” makeup. A trained make-up artist is able to do the whole make-up in a short time, and additionally the cosmetics are very efficient.

Airbrush Makeup Pros

The basic disadvantage of spray makeup is the high price of the set for making it – both the airbrush with compressor and the basic cosmetics set. The execution of the makeup excludes any possible corrections. Each time the airbrush is cleaned after the makeup is done, it is very laborious and the basic Airbrush makeup kit is relatively heavy.

Airbrush spray makeup – contraindications

The contraindication to make up is:

  • eye diseases,
  • allergy to colour cosmetics or any ingredient in cosmetics used for spray makeup,
  • very deep wrinkles.

Makeup should be done with eyes closed and on the inhalation to prevent fumes from entering the lungs.

Airbrush spray makeup – how much does it cost?

Making professional spray makeup costs about 60$-100$. The price depends on the experience of the make-up artist, products and class of equipment used during makeup and the city of residence.

The price of a private Airbrush make-up set varies – the price depends on the class of equipment and most often includes a compressor with an areograph, preparations for cleaning the device, basic cosmetics set + volatile silicone oil, used to dilute cosmetics. If you plan on buying your own device, read our guide on choosing best airbrush kit.


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