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acrylics nails pros cons

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Manicure

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic manicure Acrylic ManicureWomen who want to look after their nails face a rather difficult choice. They do not know whether to choose a hybrid manicure, acrylic manicure or gel manicure....
how to remove gel nails at home quickly

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home Quickly

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home Quickly? We have several proven ways You can successfully remove the gel from your nails by homemade means. One of them is shortening the nails, filing the gel...
Best Gel Nail Kit for Home

Best Gel Nail Kit for Home – Complete Guide

As a woman you surely like when your nails are beautiful and neat. The way to have a beautiful manicure every day is to buy your gel nail kit for home. The question is,...
What is a nail overlay

What Is a Nail Overlay?

Your own are fragile and hard to let go? You can artificially extend them and at the same time give them a nice shape. Choose the method that is best for you and discover...
are gel nails safe

Gel nails – Are they safe?

Nail extensions are one of the most frequently chosen cosmetic treatments. Women are particularly eager to decide on gel nails. It doesn't take much time to do them, and a slender and well-groomed nail...
Best Nail Drill Machine

Best Nail Drill Machine In 2020

A good manicure and pedicure set will make it easier for us to take care of our feet and hands. After analyzing the market, we have selected the best proposals. Among them was Beurer...
nail care tips

How To Care for Your Nails – 5 Top Nail Care Tips

For nail conditioners to work even better, their use is combined with proven nail care treatments. How to take care of your nails with home nail care? Castor oil is a proven way to improve the...

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