are gel nails safe

Nail extensions are one of the most frequently chosen cosmetic treatments. Women are particularly eager to decide on gel nails. It doesn’t take much time to do them, and a slender and well-groomed nail plate improves the appearance of your hands. But are they safe for our health? Let’s check it out.

Gel nails – how does it work?

Gel nails, as the name suggests, are made with a special gel. It is applied on a properly prepared nail plate and then hardened by UV lamp exposure. The desired hardness of the gel is obtained after only 2-3 minutes of exposure. With the gel method nails can be extended in two ways:

on the tips,

on the plate.

In the first case, a plastic, profiled cap is used, which should be glued to the edge of the nail. After preparation and shaping, a layer of gel is applied over the entire length. The plaster forms an integral part of the natural nail.

The template has a paper, plastic or metal form, which is placed under the edge of the nail. Then the gel is applied from the cuticles to the surface of the template to the desired length. After curing, the stencil is removed and the gel is worked into the desired shape.

Well-made gel nails can stay in good condition for up to several weeks. After the appearance of regrowth, cavities can be filled with gel. The preparations used for this kind of manicure must have special certificates allowing them to be used. Gel nails are relatively non-invasive and the gel itself is odorless and safe for the skin.

Gel nails step by step

What does the whole procedure look like? Before applying the gel, the cuticles and matted nail plate are removed. It is not recommended to perform a traditional manicure before the treatment, as this may affect the durability of the gel. Then the nails are cleaned and degreased thoroughly, otherwise the gel may come off. The next step is to apply a template (or tip), and then apply the so-called primer (etch), which will improve the adhesion of the gel. The last step is to apply layers of gel, which is cured each time under a UV lamp. The gel must under no circumstances come into contact with the skin. At the end, the nail plate is cleaned and sawed again to obtain the desired shape.

Gel nails step by step

Nail gels and their effect on the plate

The beauticians who perform the manicure are of the opinion that proper preparation for the treatment and its professional execution minimize possible damage to the plate. There is a lot of truth in it, because a badly performed procedure can give lamentable effects. Too strong filing of the plate may cause pain and weakening of its structure, while the unprofessionally placed gel may approach with air, and hence a short way to develop mycosis. Therefore, it is better (at least at the beginning) to perform this procedure in a reputable salon with qualified personnel using professional equipment and preparations. However, it should be kept in mind that even the best made gel nails, applied for too long will affect the condition of the nails. From time to time it is worth taking a break and nourishing your nails. For this purpose you can use special nail conditioners in the form of nail polish (Pirolam, Kosmed, Unglax), natural oils (argan, jojoba, macadamia) or nourishing serum (Biovax, Regenail, Regenerum, Long 4 Lashes). Such care products can be easily bought in a pharmacy.

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Gel nails are inseparably bound to UV lamps, which emit radiation harmful to our health. This topic was discussed in the article about hybrid nails. The available research shows that the exposure to UVA light emitted by lamps is too short to be harmful to health. To be sure you can use creams with high sunscreen or wear protective gloves.


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