how to make nail polish last longer

How to make nail polish last? Let’s have a closer look at the key factors making your nail polish last longer.


Nice and neat nails are a woman’s showcase, but when we do a really impressive manicure we want to enjoy it as long as possible. Each of us knows the feeling that accompanies us when we leave the beautician. That’s why I will tell you how to achieve the same lasting effect at home, using ordinary nail polish.

Good condition of your nails is half the success

Split or brittle nails with uneven structure do not look good, they repel their appearance. Take care of them from the inside, brittleness and fragility can be the result of a lack of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B, A, E and C will help. Biotin, zinc, calcium and magnesium will also help in the fight for beautiful hands. You don’t have to use pharmaceuticals, all these ingredients can be found in a wholesome and balanced diet. You can also reach for widely available conditioners in the form of varnish or regenerative oils, which you will find in every drugstore or pharmacy. They will help to smooth and harden the nail plate. They are ideal for stimulating growth.

Some advice for a permanent manicure

Remember that polish should be applied on a cleaned and dried nail surface. Before starting the treatment itself, cut the cuticles and remove the previous manicure thoroughly. Women often make the mistake of applying the chosen polish on an unprepared plate, i.e. one that has not been sawn. Such a surface will make that the lacquer applied on the matt structure will adhere and will not chip off. For the preparation of the nail a block is ideal, thanks to it you can be sure that you will do it precisely and evenly. The next step will be to degrease the nail, you can use an alcohol-based preparation or an ordinary remover. We always apply a base coat under the polish, which protects your nails from the influence of dyes, as well as drying and splitting. Apply the first layer of nail polish thinly and thoroughly, in three movements – the middle of the nail, then each side. The next layer of nail polish can be applied when the previous one is completely dry. Long lasting nail varnishes, such as those containing lycra, will work well. Remember that you should always apply a hardener, which will not only strengthen and harden the nail polish, but also give it shine and protect it from damage. A manicure made in this way has a greater guarantee of durability, and thus we can enjoy beautiful, well maintained nails for a longer time.

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How to speed up the drying of the polish?

A very good and recommendable product are drip-drying accelerators, which contain silicone, thanks to which it binds particles of lacquer, making it more durable and resistant to scratches. Most importantly, they have a colourless form, depending on the brand they dry from 30 seconds to a minute. Another solution can be plain cold water. Pour it into a small bowl, then add a bit of ice and after each layer of polish applied, wet your nails for a few minutes. After removal, gently dry your hands and apply a new layer of nail polish. Another way is to use the dryer, but remember not to direct the source of heat to your nails. If you are not careful, unsightly air bubbles may form under the nail polish.

With these few ways you already know what to do to make your manicure more durable. Also remember to take the appropriate vitamins that are responsible for the appearance of your nails. A valuable tip to pay attention to are hand and nail care creams. Now you know that the topic of the condition of the nails is more complex, it consists of both internal and external factors.


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