nail care tips

For nail conditioners to work even better, their use is combined with proven nail care treatments.

How to take care of your nails with home nail care?

Castor oil is a proven way to improve the appearance of your nails and the skin around them.
Olive oil with lemon juice. Moisturizes and lightens the color of the plate slightly (e.g. after dark varnish when you have not used the base).

Diet. Rich in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and silicon will help keep your nails in good condition. So it should be well balanced and complete.

Nail care plan for you:

Daily, apply hand cream to your hands and foot cream to your feet. Massage it into your fingers too – it will work on your nails and the skin around them. Use hand creams after each wetting of your hands (after washing, washing, etc.). It is good that they have UV filters (the skin of hands ages quickly).

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Hand skin and nails do not like hot air, e.g. from electronic dryers. Try not to use them, and if you have no other option – rub cream in your hands immediately afterwards (always carry it in your bag!).

Peel your hands regularly, rubbing it into your fingers as well. You won’t damage your nails and the cuticles around you will be soft and well maintained.

Do you paint your nails with colored polish every day? Take a break for a nutritional treatment – they really need it. Remember that neat nails painted only with a conditioner (colorless or milk) are very sexy.

Use nail conditioners and oils overnight. Then they will work effectively.

How to take care of your nails with the right conditioner?

Select the right conditioner for your nails. Learn about the types of conditioners:

Strengthening, designed for brittle and brittle nails. They are enriched with ingredients that “build in” to the nail plate (e.g. ceramides, proteins) and make it harder and more resistant to breaking. Use this type of conditioner every day – also as a base for nail polish.

Regenerative, nourishing. These, in turn, are mainly enriched with moisturizing ingredients that moisturize and support the regrowth of healthy nails (e.g. vitamins). They can be in the form of lacquer (usually it gives a nice shine, can be used as a natural manicure finish) or olive oil, which simultaneously takes care of the cuticles.

Creams, olives, masks. They intensively care for dry and damaged nails and cuticles. Use them as a treatment – after application you have to massage them (do not apply polish afterwards – it will not stick to the greasy plate).

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“No” for nails

If you work a lot on the computer, cut your nails short or tap the keys with your fingertips. Otherwise, they may split.

Do not scratch the polish when it starts to splinter. If you do it often, you may damage the plate.

Try to cut out the cuticles as little as possible (sometimes necessary). This speeds up the growth of the peel.

Do not use your nail polish too often. This weakens them strongly and makes them fragile.
Do not apply nails! They damage and weaken the nails very much. And they are de mode!


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