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Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic manicure
Acrylic ManicureWomen who want to look after their nails face a rather difficult choice. They do not know whether to choose a hybrid manicure, acrylic manicure or gel manicure. Each of these methods has many advantages, as well as some – usually quite few – disadvantages. Before we choose one of them, it is worthwhile to look at them carefully. Here’s what you need to know about the method, the advantages and disadvantages of an acrylic manicure.

What is an acrylic manicure?
This type of manicure is made with the use of acrylic, a special powder, which after mixing with the liquid forms a quick-drying mass, later applied to the nails. Under the influence of air, the mass is oxidized, which makes it very hard. Acrylic is extremely resistant to all kinds of damage and scratches, which makes it so popular for manicure making. For this method, in addition to the acrylic itself, we will also need: a degreaser, nail matting files, a primer, as well as special templates. Unlike the hybrid manicure, no UV or LED lamp is required for acrylic.

How is an acrylic manicure made?
Making an acrylic manicure is quite time consuming as it involves a lot of work. At the beginning, the cuticles should be gently removed and the nail plates should be matted with a file and then wiped with a special cleaver, which is designed to degrease them. The next step – if you want to extend your nails – is to glue the templates. Then acrylic is applied to our natural nails and templates. After the acrylic has dried, the templates are removed, the desired shape is given to the nails and the excess product is filed. The last point is to decorate our nails in any way we choose, i.e. to cover them with various patterns.

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What are the advantages of acrylic manicure?
One of the biggest advantages of the acrylic manicure is that it makes us forget about painting our nails for a long time. It is characterized by high durability and resistance. Professionally made should remain unchanged even up to 3 weeks. This makes it ideal for all kinds of trips, during which we will have neither time nor desire to paint your nails every few days. Due to the fact that such a manicure looks not only very elegant, but also natural, it will look great both at work and during various important celebrations. It is also a perfect solution for women who dream of long nails – thanks to acrylic we can easily make our short nails beautiful and long. It is also worth mentioning that with the help of acrylic we can create different patterns and give the tiles any shape. Acrylic powders come in various shades, thanks to them you can create convex decorations on your nails e.g. small flowers.

Disadvantages of acrylic manicure
For many women, a big disadvantage of an acrylic manicure can be the unpleasant smell that acrylic gives off when applied to their nails. However, this is a safe method for our health, as it does not take as long as the inhaled acrylic can cause us any harm. Sometimes it also happens that acrylic in contact with the skin can make us allergic. In this case it will be necessary to give up this method in favour of another.

The opinion that acrylic destroys nails is often repeated. However, it turns out that it is the other way around – it has a positive effect on their condition. Due to the fact that it is very hard, this material perfectly protects the nails from any possible damage. Acrylic makes it possible for our nails to grow without splitting or breaking. We can only be damaged by sawing the nails too roughly or leaving them exposed to acetone for too long. However, it is enough to give our hands in the hands of an experienced manicurist to enjoy a beautiful and carefully crafted manicure.


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