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best derma roller for face

Best Derma Roller For Face – Which To Choose?

A lot of you ask me about Derma Rollers, how they work, what kind of roller to buy and how to do a home treatment. I have a few years of experience with rollers...
best wax warmer kit at home

Best Wax Warmer Kit – What To Choose?

Waxing is a quick and quite effective method of removing unnecessary hair from places such as legs, armpits and bikini area. It consists of mechanical hair removal using liquid natural wax. It is applied...
Homemade sugar waxing

My Experience with Homemade Sugar Waxing

I have read many recipes for making sugar wax, or halawa, an alternative to synthetic waxes used to remove hair. It sounded awesome - a few simple ingredients could create something to leave my...
best serum for bags under eyes

Best Serum for Bags Under Eyes That Tightens and Smoothes The Skin

The eye serum has a significant advantage over a regular cream because it contains a higher concentration of active ingredients and penetrates the skin more strongly. It works if you already have fixed wrinkles...
Where Do Bags Under Eyes Come From

Where Do Bags Under Eyes Come From

Eye bags are most often caused by an unhygienic lifestyle or improper care. But there are many more reasons for swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Let's have a closer look where do...
best microdermabrasion machine at home

Best Microdermabrasion Machine at Home for 2020

Everyone wants perfect and glowing skin, but not everyone has time to pay your favorite beautician regular visits. Does that mean you should give up on microdermabrasion at all? Absolutely not! Let's take a...
Best in Home Hair Removal System

Best in Home Hair Removal System – Comprehensive Guide

Laser hair removal at home - What is the guiding principle for choosing an epilator? Although there is still some time left until your holiday, we can already take care of your well-being during your...
Best Facial Steamer at Home

Best Facial Steamer at Home – How To Choose?

The face steamer was one of the most popular cosmetic treatments used by women for centuries. However, being stuck for many minutes with your head covered with a towel, in a position bent over...
Best Facial Epilators

Best Facial Epilators – Reviews & Guide For 2020

Excessive hair - especially around the face - can cause a lot of trouble. Interestingly, this problem affects both sexes - only the problematic areas of the face are usually different in women and...
what is dermabrasion for the face

What is Microdermabrasion for the Face?

That's the secret to the impeccable skin of the stars! What is microdermabrasion for the face? Have you ever wondered what is the secret of stars whose complexion even on close-ups looks almost impeccable? The...

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