Where Do Bags Under Eyes Come From

Eye bags are most often caused by an unhygienic lifestyle or improper care. But there are many more reasons for swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Let’s have a closer look where do bags under eyes come from.

Bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes, i.e. shadows, bruises and swelling are the nightmare of most of us. They can be caused by a variety of reasons – sometimes by genetic conditions, and sometimes by inadequate care or unhealthy lifestyle. Bags under our eyes can also be a harbinger of illness. How to deal with them?

Bags under the eyes – the causes

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive because there are no sebaceous glands in the area. Moreover, it is almost twice as thin as the rest of your face.

  • genetic conditions,
  • unhygienic lifestyle – broken nights, cigarette and alcohol abuse,
  • Bags under the eyes can also be a symptom of disease – often swollen eyelids and bruises indicate heart, kidney and thyroid diseases or are a herald of allergy,
  • dry air in the rooms where we spend most of our time,
  • inadequate diet – vitamin K deficiency and low iron levels,
  • taking vasodilating drugs,
  • sedentary lifestyles, which make the lymph circulate more slowly, so metabolic products are not discharged into the lymphatic vessels but accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue,
    retention of water in the body, usually caused by excess salt in the diet and insufficient water,
  • lack of proper care.

How do you get rid of the bags under your eyes?

To get rid of the bags under your eyes, you need to start by finding the cause and then adjust the right solution for yourself. However, it may turn out that it is not so easy in the case of illness, for example.

Change your lifestyle and diet

Not all of us, due to lack of time, can afford the right amount of sleep and a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately – this is the biggest crime we commit to our body – 8 hours of sleep and a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and water often solves all problems. It is also worth avoiding alcohol, not smoking and practicing sports at least twice a week.

Properly selected eye cream

The skin under the eyes needs special care. An absolute obligation after 25 years of age is a properly selected eye cream. It is best if it contains mountain arnica, ginkgo biloba and ivy extract, caffeine and vitamin C.

The cream is worth keeping in the fridge – low temperature shrinks blood vessels, so the cream will work even stronger.

Packs and massages

Regularly applied compresses, e.g. from cucumber or green tea, have a soothing and brightening effect, so they can gently level out shadows under the eyes.

A special massager finished with a metal ball, the so-called roller, is also useful in skin care under the eyes. It’s also worth to buy a gel mask (keep it in the fridge) and use it when you need immediate effects. It can also be replaced by ice cubes.

Treatments in an aesthetic medicine cabinet

One of the most popular treatments is lymphatic drainage or massage, which improves the flow of lymph and other tissue fluids.

The second recommended treatment is mesotherapy, during which hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other substances with firming and circulation stimulating effects are administered under the skin.

The most invasive treatment is traditional bluffroplasty, i.e. surgical method of removing bags under the eyes. The surgeon cuts the lower eyelid, removes the layer of fat and excess skin.

What if nothing helps?

If the bruises, shadows and swelling under the eyes persist despite the above methods, then it is worth consulting your doctor.

Where Do Bags Under Eyes Come from – Bottom Line

In this article I’ve provided you with all the information you need to know in order to answer the question where do bags under eyes come from. Have you struggled with bags under eyes? What did work for you? Let us know in the comments.


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