Who has not heard of Michael Jordan? It is that man who is considered the best player of all time. What is this game so many people are crazy about?

Basketball is a very fast game that brings a lot of excitement and joy. Game itself is simple, there are two teams that dribble the ball, throw it into the basket and earn points – one, two or three per basket, depending on the distance of the throw. As a rule, professional teams can get a total of 150-220 points.
No matter if you’re a sunday player or regularly playing for a team – in this category you’ll find everything basket! Top rated shoes, equipment, news and much more!

best basketball shoes
Most basketball shoes are a hit both on the field and out on the streets, and so leading manufacturers have their work cut out for them. Looking for the best basketball shoes? These are the must-haves. What To Look For In The Best Performance...
best portable basketball hoop guide and reviews
Basketball is a game that requires a good deal of practice. In order to enhance your gaming skills, you will have to commit your time, energy and interest to the sport. However, even with a high level of commitment and latent skills, you can practically do nothing...