Top 4 Tips on Buying Basketball Shoes

top 4 tips on buying basketball shoes

One of the most important things to a basketball player’s health is to own and wear good quality shoes. Many knee, ankle, hip, and back injuries are due to wearing inferior footwear. I am a basketball player and I have learned that a good quality shoe, with proper support and cushioning, lead to healthy joints and superior performance. Here are some tips on buying best basketball shoes for you.

Tips on buying basketball shoes

The first thing you need to know is your own foot size. The average men’s foot is a size ten and a half; however, many basketball players wear a much larger size. I wear a fourteen. Shoes over size thirteen are quite difficult to find in retail stores so look online if you wear a “giant” size.

Know Your Size

After you know your size, you need to pick out a shoe. The best shoes will be more expensive, but generally it is worth the margin. The brand “Jordan” is known for its quality but I also recommend the brands Nike and Reebok. When looking at the shoe, first look at the heel pad. Knee injuries are often caused by landing too hard on the heel. For that reason, make sure the heel has sufficient cushioning. Some shoes have an air pocket in the heel and others have rubber shocks to absorb impact.

Weight of shoe

Next, you need to find out the actual weight of the shoe. A high-quality shoe usually weighs between thirteen and sixteen ounces. If the shoe is heavier than sixteen ounces, you will feel like you are playing in combat boots. Conversely, if the shoe is too light it will not provide either the “crash pad” on the heel, or the essential ankle support. Ankle injuries are by far the most common injury in basketball and can often be prevented by the right shoes. In order to prevent twisting your ankle, choose a high top shoe with a stiff side.

Playing Style

Your shoe should fit your playing style. If you are a small, quick guard that is not prone to injuries, try to pick a light, low top shoe with a wide base. This allows agility without risking a turned ankle. A forward or center however, generally needs to wear a sturdy, high-top shoe with a great crash pad. This will provide substantial support for the wide based stance that is required of these players.

Another great way to care for your feet is to purchase custom-made orthotics. Orthotics are shoe inserts that are molded to fit your foot perfectly. They are made of polypropylene foam, a material that is stiff enough to support the arch of your foot, but also soft enough to cushion your heel and toes. When you are purchasing a shoe, make sure you try the shoe on with the orthotic to be positive it fits correctly.

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More than one pair?

It is often a good idea to own several pairs of basketball shoes. All games are different and sometimes that affects your playing style. A second pair can also be very useful at tournaments, when you are sometimes expected to play multiple games in one day. Wearing wet shoes can easily give you blisters.

The last thing you need to know is to keep your shoes new. The intensity of the sport causes shoes to wear out quickly. It is generally a good idea to replace your shoes every three months. Doing this will keep your joints and feet healthy. Your shoes are the most important equipment you own and keeping your feet healthy is critical to your performance.


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