Softball is a game similar to baseball. However, it is played on a smaller pitch, with a bigger ball and a lighter and thinner bat. Teams consist of 9 players. The main part of the playing field is a square with bases placed on the corners, one of which is a home base.

It is said that softball is a women’s baseball version, but it’s denied by the fact that there are many men’s bands, especially in the US.

During the match, each team plays in attack and defense 7 times. The attackers bounce the ball threw by the opponent’s pitcher, and then they have to run all the bases and return (which results in gaining 1 point). The defensive, on the other hand, aims at stopping the players running to the bases.

The game was created in the 1880s (George Hancock) in Chicago, where it quickly gained popularity. The International Softball Committee was founded only in 1933. It unified and regulated the rules of the game. In 1965, the first women’s softball World Championships in Australia and one year later men in Mexico were organized. It was not until 1991 that the International Olympic Committee added the softball game for the Olympic Games. However, it was decided to exclude it from the games planned for 2012.

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