How To Choose Best & Cheap Softball Pants – 2019 Guide & Reviews

best cheap softball pants

Girls softball is becoming the most popular sport among teen and pre-teen girls. It is a competitive sport that allows these young women to be able to compete and be involved in a team sport. Thanks to our previous comprehensive guide, you already now how to choose best softball bat, but what about other types of equipment? Let’s take a look at best softball pants in this article.

While athleticism is a vital piece to the success of any softball team, having the right look and also wearing equipment that lasts is equally as important. This is why finding the right pants can be a really big deal. The young woman not only wants a good looking pair of pants, but also one that can handle the rigors of diving, sliding, and running. Here are the best softball pants on the market, as well as the cheapest one that still provide you with a quality pair of pants.

Quick Overview of Top Rated Softball Pants

Best Softball Pants Reviews

Under Armour Women’s UA Strike Zone Pant

This pants start by providing a fabric that is lightweight and heat resistant. This means that they are very comfortable to wear, while also staying cool and dry during those hot days out on the field. Under Armour has their signature Moisture Transport System which pulls sweat away from the body and keeps it off the pants. This keeps players dry and makes the sport a lot more enjoyable. The fabric is dual layered, meaning it can handle the stress and strain of the game without tearing or ripping. There are also two back pockets that allow players to keep gloves and other things they may need.

Intensity Womens Home Run Low Rise Premium Belt Loop Pant

Many women prefer the low rise look and feel and Intensity makes the very best option out there. The microfiber material is made for great comfort during practice and games, and the snaps and zippers are made to handle scratches and scrapes. You will like how durable these are as is the fabric. The pants are made with double layers from the knee to the bottom of the hem and in the seat area. This makes this much more durable to the action of the game without adding weight in areas that don’t need them.

Mizuno Select Belted Low Rise Fastpitch Softball Pants, Black

These Mizuno pants are 100 percent polyester double knit, and are meant to keep your dry and comfortable. The material is durable, so it can handle the rigors of the game, while also making it easy to clean. The turf is no match in terms of the inability to tear these pants, and dirt will not stain these clothes for good. These also provide a low rise look which is quite comfortable to most women. Performance plus padding is added in the knees, shins and seated areas, and the tunnel belt loop waist keeps the pants securely on without making them uncomfortable to wear.

The Less Expensive Choice – Our Recommendation For Cheap Softball Pants

Womens’ Comet Softball Pant

If you are looking for best softball pants at a price that is reasonable, The Comet pants are made in 100 percent polyester and 90 percent of it is double-knit. These weigh no more than about 14 ounces and come with spandex inserts. These pants also provide a low rise option for comfort. There is a two-snap closure system and a brass zipper fly. These are reinforced at the knees and have a knee length graded inseam.

Choosing Best Softball Pants – Tips

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