Best Softball Bat and Equipment Bags – Guide & Reviews

best cheap softball equipment bags

Having you perfect equipment ready for action is one thing, but don’t forget you need to somehow transport it safely and properly. Last thing an upcoming softball star wants is a broken bat during travelling. This is why best softball bat bags come in handy. We’ve got a list of top notch products for you that will serve you well and got every feature and pocket that you possibly may want. Let’s try to find the best softball equipment bags!

Softball Bags – Quick Overview


  • Best Features: extreme durability, reliable wheels, lots of space

Rawlings All American (ROYAL)

Another great roller bag that you might want to pick for your softball gear transportation. It is a bit pricy, but it is well worth the price. It offers really sturdy material that will take extended wear and tear with an ease. Wheels are wide which makes roll over every surface easily.
As the Cobra Camouflage, it has a lot of space and will fit catching and regular equipment. Simply it holds everything you need and most likely you’d still have some room to spare.

  • Best Features: durability, great wheels, huge


In case you’re not a fan of roller bags, you may want to take a look at Chita Backpack. It’s universal and you could use it for baseball too.
At the front you’ll find a small and shallow pocket perfect for your phone or tablet. At the sides you get even more pockets and padded bat sleeves that can hold up to 4 bats.
Interesting feature about this one is that it has a separated vinyl pocket ideal for storing wet things like shirts or shoes. It’s made from a strong and durable material, and also zippers are solid enough not to make you worry about them getting broken.
It is a perfect choice for everyone tired with traditional bags, as it is really comfortable.

  • Best Features: space, comfort, durability

Real Tree Camouflage Cobra

Real Tree Camouflage Cobra may be the last bag you’ll ever need. It’s made from extremely durable material which will easily take some beating. In addition, as this is a roller one, you get 4 inch diameter In-Line Big Wheels which perform and roll well on any kind of surface.
When it comes to space it has a ton of it. Lots of pockets will hold all kind of things and accessories you need to carry, and you should easily fit 6-8 bats and multiple gloves throughout 3 different compartments.
All in all it’s one of the best products you can get and you simply cannot go wrong with it. However, it might be a little too big for younger players, but it is definitely a great investment.

Things to consider when buying softball equipment bags

  • Size – always make sure the product you want to buy has enough space to hold every piece of equipment you need to transport. It’s better to spend a little bit more and have a bigger bag that would perfectly fit all you need rather than wondering which things you’ll need to leave behind as they won’t get in.
  • Durability – probably the most important thing you need to think about. Travelling around exposures your bag to extended wear and tear and therefore you really want to buy a product made from strong and durable materials. This is why we’d pass on the cheapest products as you’d need to invest two times more money in those as you’d have to replace them more often.
  • Design and Look – might be really important factor for some people. Luckily, you can find numerous of designs created by various of manufacturers, from plain and simple to camo graphics.

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Hopefully our guide was helpful for you, and you get an idea of how to find best bat bags; right one may really make a difference!


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