Killerspin JET800 Paddle Review

Killerspin JET800 Paddle Review

We never thought indoor sports could be so much fun for our family until we came across table tennis. Well, we all have those friends who are table tennis pros, and you don’t quite know how much fun they are having, the level of mental fortitude they build through the game, the health benefits acquired, or the professional acuity they gain. As it turns out, you can’t quite know of and experience these benefits until you throw yourself into the game – in this case, using your hands on a paddle to play ping pong on a table, indoors or outdoors.

Unfortunately, mine wasn’t a smooth ride because, even though I was enjoying the game and learning very fast, I had constant issues with my paddle. It took time but, I finally found the one – no, seriously, – the Killerspin JET800 Paddle is the one. Why all the praise, she has made me win most of the games and also lose many others meaning that I know so much about the game now. Before I let you in on the features of the best paddle, I’ll take you through the simple steps for finding the best table tennis paddle. It is very easy. Just ask yourself these questions, and you’ll be on your way to an exciting.

* What is your level and style of playing?

* Do you have someone you can ask guidance from?

* How much power and control does the paddle give?

* How is the spin?

Killerspin JET800 Paddle Review

With that out of the way, why is the Killerspin JET800 Paddle my favourite?

The Dual Carbon technology

If you are looking for a ping pong paddle with a high level of power and hard-hitting speed, a paddle that will absorb all the slams from your opponent and one that gives accurate returns, you must get the Killerspin JET800 Paddle.

The main reason why I am not the only one who categorises this paddle as a tier 1 paddle (pros use this paddle too) is because of its construction design. It features two layers of a carbon composite material infused into the seven-layer wood blade that adds the extra pop that holds strong regardless of the aggressiveness of the game. This dual carbon technology allows for a more forgiving blamed which results in higher speed levels on the hardest hitting shots. The dual carbon technology also makes it possible for you to play vigorously while maintaining that internal control and the comfortable feel that comes with Killerspin JET series.

The paddle’s blade has two layers of this carbon fibre sandwiched around five layers of ply premium wood.

Wooden Side Tape Technology

The use of this new technological application increases the life of this paddle by protecting the internal blade and making sure that you never have to replace the side tape as it is with traditional ping pong

paddles. The blade’s protection lasts a lifetime. This Wooden Side Tape Technology is also the feature that contributes to the beauty of this paddle. This technological addition is also what makes it possible for you to preserve your energy.

Use of Premium Rubber

The comfort of your hands when holding the paddle and playing ping pong is important. Equally important is the spin and the power of the paddle. You will get these threesome benefits using this paddle thanks to its celebrated Nirtx-4Z rubber; a high tension, ITTF-approved rubber. The exceptional strikes which give you a greater advantage in case of heavy spins for serves result from Nitrx-4Z’s top sheet which offers the perfect grip. In combination with the seven layers of the premium wood and the dual carbon technology, you get on the playing field with the surety of the fact that you are holding the most powerful paddle.

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Ergonomically flared design of the handle

Size and weight: this paddle measures 6.1 x 6 x 0.5 inches and weighs only 9.4 ounces.

Note that these are the features that make the Killerspin JET800 Paddle one the best ping pong paddles you may want to get in that price range.


* Offers extra speeds and powerful spins

* Durable

* Has a firm grip


* It is heavy

* It lacks a protective strip around the edge to protect the padding, rubber and the wood.

* Some users report that the rubber is a little vulnerable and fragile


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