Park Sun Mini Table Tennis Table Review

If you were given a choice to only play one sport and to play it well, which game would you choose? Football, basketball, baseball, swimming, athletics – the list is endless, we all know but, if you feel confused, we have two words for you – table tennis. This isn’t just a fun game; table tennis is a well-rounded game with benefits in all areas of your life:
Professional life: in life, if you cannot adapt to changes and your opponents, improve your skills, develop a better attack arsenal of tools, or even think strategically, you will stagnate. Why are we bringing this in? Table tennis means you are playing against someone, an opponent and guess what, you have to think on your feet or arms, in this case, to win. To win, just as in life, you have to employ a wider array of skills and throw winning shots.
Health benefits: you will get fit, and yes, you’ll lose weight. If you are asthmatic, you will have better control over your symptoms. Tennis requires agility, speed, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance. Enhances your planning and organisational skills because you have to schedule practice and tournamentsLearn how to accept defeat, Builds mental fortitude in adverse conditions, You create valuable social connections.

Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table Review

What is the beauty of table tennis? We sought answers from some table tennis players, and the responses were diverse. However a few things stood out, this is the perfect game for the best planners and the most logical thinkers, plus problem solvers in the world. It is also the perfect game for small spaces, it makes you happier, it builds strong social connections and bonds, it is a game that every member of the family takes part in, builds a stronger mind, and yes, it is FUN. Well then, we have the perfect tennis table for you, thanks to Park & Sun Sports.

This mini table tennis table gives the same playing experience like that from the regulation tables.


Surface thickness

It has a 3/8-inch medium density fiberboard (MDF) playing surfaces with a beautiful laminated blue top. The thickness of the table is vital in determining how the table will perform and last. The playing surface thickness of this Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. MDF makes for excellent consistency when playing.

Frame’s strength

The strength of the table determines how well the table will hold and take sudden movements. A strong frame also means that the table tennis table will weather well thus giving you a good value for your money. This Park & Sun Sports mini table tennis table has a steel strength, and as we know, steel is one of the toughest metals. This means that this table will stay with you through all the wins and the losses of the game. This table’s steel frame has a diameter of 1 inch and also features a protective black powder-coat finish.

Outdoor or indoor use

If you intend to use a tennis table indoors and outdoors, it should have a resilient construction to last many years. Make sure that the material can withstand heat and humidity. The lamination on Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


If you have to move the table in and out of storage, it should have features that make it easy to move around. The Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table is very portable thanks to the Velcro lock and the carrying handles which make for easy transportation. The table also folds up for easy storage. Its weight of 34.2 pounds makes transportation a breeze. This table measures 60 x 28 x 30 inches.


The Park & Sun Sports Indoor/Outdoor Mini Table Tennis Table comes with two paddles and two balls.


This table comes ready to break your sweat. No assembly required.


Very easy to set up, no assembly of parts requires
It is sturdy
Very easy to carry and store
It is stylish – the blue and the black frame makes it look good, indoors or outdoors


Some users report that shipping issues due to lack of enough cushioning which leads to minimal damage
Only one person can play on either side

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