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Table tennis can be a lot of fun when you have the right type of a partner and good table to pay on. This is a quick thinking, quick action game that does not give you much time to decide which shot to hit and how to place the ball. One must be able to not one hit back the ball, but also place it ell as the distance to be covered is very little.
This is one of those indoor sports that can tire you out like any other outdoor sport, if played right. The only reason, not everyone is playing this amazing game is the lack of access to good tables.

The Viper Aurora


This portable table tennis table has the following attractive features:

  • The frame is 1 inch thick
  • The top is ½ inch thick and is made of MDF wood
  • The tubular legs are ¾ inches
  • Easy to fold and move around to the place of your choice
  • It measures 107x60x30 (LxWxH)
  • Net included but paddles and ball are not
  • Protective rubber corners for table top
  • Easy to store

The Good

  • There are 4 sets of wheels which make it easy to roll the table away and use it anywhere one wants
  • The wheels can be locked securely, to avoid shake to the table due to the players falling or touching it. This will save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to reposition it every time
    It can be easily folded into two and rolled away with the help of the wheels. This saves a lot of space and enables you to bring it out only when needed
  • When folded, one need not worry about the table opening up as it is locked firmly with the easy to lock system
  • Either side of the table can be folded into half separately, thus allowing you to even practice on your own without a partner
  • The table is supported with an 1 inch steel frame, which ensures it is durable and does not break easily

The Bad

  • The table requires a little assembly, hence one cannot play with it immediately
    It weighs 142 pounds, owing to the steel frame and the wheels. This makes it difficult to lift it up and store it at a higher place
  • The MDF wood on top can be damaged easily, hence requires extra care

Why This Table

Table tennis is a fun filled challenging game that can have you hooked on to it for hours on end. This table does not occupy much space as it can be stowed away easily and brought out as and when needed. Hence this will be a great option for an indoor game or fun when you have company over. You can keep your living room big and spacious when everyone arrives as the initial meet and greet mood wears off, you can roll out this table to bring the life back to the party.

The facility, to fold the table individually on either side or being able to open up just one side, makes it very convenient and an apt partner to improve your game before you can face your friend the next time. This can be a great investment choice for those who want some entertainment on a regular basis, without having to spend out much or set aside a lot of space.

Viper Aurora Table Tennis Table Review – Bottom Line

This foldable tennis table from Viper aurora can be what everyone wants, to make the gathering more interesting. Made of high quality and built with many features to aid comfort, this tennis table can be a very good buy. Even those who are keen about the game but want more practice or time to play some shots, you can practice within the privacy of your own house, without having to request anyone to help you improve.


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