can running increase your sexual drive

Running has many advantages. It helps you to maintain a slim figure and helps overweight people to lose weight. The positive effect of running on your heart is of great importance. This is one of those activities for which you only need a comfortable outfit and shoes – just go out to the park or the forest and start running. What’s more, running is one of those disciplines where you can see the progress very quickly, and that motivates you most.

And can running improve your sex life?

Perhaps you think not. Especially if you only think about the fact that when you come back from running you are sweaty, have blurred cheeks, are all sticky and just dream of taking off your sweaty clothes and jumping in the shower. In such a situation, it seems that sex is the last thing you can think of.

But, according to Dr. Nicole Prause, women can feel more excitement after running. While running, it speeds up our heart rate, just like the foreplay. Seeing your partner can make you believe that this excitement is due to him, even if it’s not. Dr Praus says that running can be more effective than some aphrodisiacs. He also says that aphrodisiacs are placebo and instead of spending money, it is better to go running and the effect will be similar. Is that how it really works?

Surely many of you treat running not only as a sport, but also as a time when you can think about some topics in peace. How do you think about sex here? However, if running calms you down, if you are able to master the pursuit of thoughts and find solutions to the most tiring questions, there is something about it. The key to successful sex is simply peace, so if you still have a dilemma about whether running can make a difference in your bedroom, just try it. At the end of the run, try to clear your thoughts of all subjects and just calm down.

In conclusion, running makes for better sex because:

It increases your heart rate. It beats more calmly with an efficient supply of nutrients to all cells. Thanks to the better blood flow, the intimate organs, both men and women, are also better bloodied, running also increases lung endurance, and you know it’s useful during intercourse. It’s especially useful for more intense close-ups. No breathlessness will be a problem anymore, running also takes care of a slim figure. Firstly, you feel better on your own, and this also increases your confidence in the bedroom, secondly, you will feel more fit, Regular running increases the blood supply to your organs, including the brain, where the centers where feelings such as desire are generated. It also makes you experience more pleasure from intercourse, there’s no doubt that a good mood is quite an important aspect of sex. Running and any other activity makes endorphins, hormones of happiness, are secreted. They make you feel better, you have a sense of humor, which also significantly affects the atmosphere in the bedroom.

Is Nicole Dr Prause all right?

Run along, and when you get back, invite your partner into the bedroom, check…


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