Knowing common mistakes or areas to improve will only help elevate your game further. Here are 6 fundamental softball batting tips.


Always having a routine when you come out to bat will help reduce the tension you may feel. Most professional hitters have a specific routine they follow every time. Most agree that this is the most critical tip. There are several reasons why a routine will help:

Projects a confident hitter to the pitcher.
Increases hitter’s confidence.
Reminds hitter to think about the box and how to take charge of the pitch.

The pitcher will see from the stride that this is a confident hitter that is in the zone visualizing the next pitch. This can sometimes cause the pitcher to lose their confidence if you exude more than they expect. Practicing the routine will help you become more confident in the actions, therefore, making you a more confident and seasoned hitter.

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Think About Pitch

When taking the first pitch choosing to dump it may be a wise idea. This is so you can see the pitch and allows a moment to adjust and contemplate the next move. By stepping out of the box and slowly visualizing and giving a complete positive talk about the next pitch will help the hitter deliver. Avoid all negative talk and only visualize the best outcome of the situation. Negative talk will only feed into fears and cause the action to take place.

When To Use Third Base Coach

Once the positive talk and visualization is set then you want to consult your third base coach. The coach will then instruct you on various tactics to use. Learning how to be a good communicator on and off the field is vital to building a rapport with the coach and so that direct instructions are understood loud and clearly. Make sure you do not depend too much on the coach for assistance with your swing as you must learn how to be your own coach as well.

Grip And Hand Position

It is, of course, the most important. The bottom hand, which is your dominant hand, is what controls the swing and the top hand to support the bat. So, never dig tightly to palms as the batting is done with fingertips and keep your grip this way.

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Hand position should be at least 4-5 inches away from the chest and adopt a loose stance to add to a comfortable swing. Point elbows downward and make sure that this is a comfortable power swing position.


When in the box it is vital for the stance to be maintained. Feet should always be parallel to the base and the ground should always be even. Remembering that stepping out of the box stops gameplay and allows the batter to recollect is vital; both feet must be in the box to resume gameplay.

Swing And Contact

The front shoulder is where all your focus must be during the swing. If there is pulling many problems can occur, mainly loss of eye contact with the ball. Once the front shoulder goes down the left shoulder will fall into place and the swing is released. The contact will be made easily on the contact spot on the ball directly opposite the hip.


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