are hjc helmets good

If I tell you to name the big Korean companies that come to your mind first? Hyundai, LG? What if, I say there’s HJC among the Korean tycoons? HJC, the biggest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets in the world. HJC’s success is amazing because the South Korean manufacturer is much shorter than the competition. Arai or Bell helmets protect motorcyclists’ heads a few, a dozen or so years longer. But it’s HJC that holds the palm tree of precedence.


Young Wan Kee Hong in the early 1970s had an idea and a desire to invest. Today, this family business produces well over a million helmets a year, is the only MotoGP round title sponsor in history and offers nearly 30 models.


HJC has a wealth of helmets on offer, so to understand their division we have to divide them functionally. In this case we can find: integral helmets (e.g. i70), jaw helmets (e.g. i90), open helmets (i40) and offroad helmets (i50, FX-Cross). But next to the four function categories there is a completely separate premium family – RPHA. RPHA differs in the solutions, equipment and materials used. Currently in the RPGA offer you will find two blended helmets and a supersports helmet RPHA 11. It’s worth to mention that RPHA helmet turned out to be the quietest motorcycle helmet we’ve tested!

This year we had the opportunity to test the RPHA 70 during summer track excursions.

Lightweight RPHA shells are constructed in P.I.M. Plus technology. It is a mix of materials such as carbon, aramid and glass fibers and much more. This results in lower weight and even higher safety. Of course, RPHA has a wide range of equipment, micrometric clasp (RPHA 90), DD clasp (RPHA 11 and RPHA 70) and multi-point locking systems for glass. Since this year, helmets from the RPHA family are also available in full carbon versions.

HJC i70, successor of the famous IS

My first road helmet was HJC IS-17, in which I did 50-60k km without a cross. Then it was the best solution. Relatively inexpensive, well-equipped helmet with a blender, which also had interesting painting. After 4 years of use, the replacement required… glass. The helmet is still on my shelf today.

IS-17 was the first road helmet not only for me, but also for a huge group of bikers. HJC, by the way, specializes in universal solutions integral to the “middle” shelf. However, the IS-17 needed a successor and this year it has lived to see it. A completely new i70 was launched on the market.

The successor to the iS-17, the brand new I70.

A polycarbonate shell in two sizes, 10 mm wider Vision Plus glass, a larger sunblade, a quick-release system, glasses channels, a safety helmet removal system and an extensive ventilation system. All of this in very attractive, unobtrusive colours.

To be like Iron Man

So, yes: HJC has a large selection of helmets, from popular mid-shelf helmets such as the i70 to top sports solutions such as the RPHA 11 Carbon. But that’s not the end of the story… HJC offers helmets from different segments in unique paint finishes. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Koreans everyone can feel like Iron Man or Spider-Man. Limited editions do not only apply to tall models! How about a Star Wars-style jet? It’s worth remembering that limited editions are really limited, and every year there are new superheroes to play in.

HJC helmets: Where to buy?

If you are looking for a helmet manufacturer that you will be involved in for years to come there is no better solution than HJC. HJC offers the best price/quality ratio, interesting solutions and helmets from every segment. For the last 12 years there has been at least one HJC motorcycle helmet in my motorcycle wardrobe and I have no intention to change that in the future – thankfully, the most popular models can easily be found amazon. If you’re not sure how to pick a helmet, see our guide on finding a perfect motorcycle for your needs.