Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

When Bell created Qualifier and Qualifier DLX helmet, they wanted to combine a relatively low price with the highest quality. Did they manage? See my Bell Qualifier Helmet review and find out!

Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

Bell Qualifier Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet - Raid Matte Black/Gray/Medium
2,773 Reviews


As you have already seen in the movie, the Qualifier is a very functional and safe helmet. Both the shell of the basic model and the Qualifier DLX are made of lightweight and durable polycarbon. In addition, the helmet has the safest D-Ring clasp.

For a helmet to provide 100% protection for the wearer, it must fit well. The Bell provides 3 shell sizes and is perfectly balanced.

Ventilation in the Bell Qualifier

Both the Qualifiers and the Qualifiers DLX use advanced controlled ventilation based on Velocity Flow Ventilation? and FlowAdjust? This ensures that the air flow in the helmet is as natural as possible and that the temperature is always comfortable in the helmet, regardless of the weather.

The innovative Transitions glass

We have already mentioned Transitions glass? available on the Qualifier DLX (this is the only difference between the two helmets presented) – now is the time to explain why we are talking so much about it. Transitions is an innovative solution that automatically darkens the viewfinder in sunny conditions. Maximum dimming takes less than 10 seconds! Likewise, maximum brightness.

In practice, Transitions? means brilliant comfort – and more security. Whether entering or leaving the tunnel, you don’t have to manoeuvre in the dark – the viewfinder will adjust itself to the level of sunlight.

When buying a new motorcycle helmet remember to choose the correct size and design.

NutraFog II? and ClickRelease

Both Qualifier models have a functional NutraFog II? Fast in this technology is resistant to possible scratches and does not let UV rays through. However, the most important function of NutraFog II? is resistance to evaporation, even in colder conditions. This frees us from sticking (and buying) pinlocks.

In the topic of glass in Qualifiers we should also add the fact that both versions are equipped with the ClickRelease? system, which allows for a quick and convenient viewfinder replacement. This solution does not require any tools, the viewfinder is replaced quickly and intuitively.

On-road conveniences

The helmet is specially designed for user comfort at higher speeds. The intentionally extended bottom part of the helmet reduces wind and noise inside the helmet. The profile of the helmet itself is extremely aerodynamic, its design minimizes the vibration of the helmet on the head while riding and limits the movement of the helmet on the head. In addition, for comfort and riding, there are profiled cheek pads inside the helmet.

Music while riding

Bell Qualifier and Bell Qualifier DLX have specially designed, integrated headphone pockets. This allows you to relax with your favourite team while driving.
In addition to the integrated pockets, Bell Qualifier DLX also offers compatibility with Bluetooth headsets? Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3, which are very easy to fit into your helmet.

Bell style design

We’ve already told you what’s inside this helmet, but let’s make an appointment – we like it just as much (if not more)! Aggressive shell, fantastic painting (the Devil May Care painting presented in the film has an 11/10 rating in our editorial office!) and the quality of the workmanship make us sure that it will be a hit this season.

If you’re looking for a quiet helmet, Bell Qualifier might not be your best bet. See our tests of the quiestest motorcycle helmets to find a more suitable one.

Bell Qualifier Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet - Raid Matte Black/Gray/Medium
2,773 Reviews

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About Manufacturer

Bell is an American brand present on the market since 1954, which was the first to develop and launch integral helmets (full face).

Most of you will probably associate the Bell logo with the ultra classical helmets, which resemble the 1960s in appearance. Yes, Bell still makes these helmets, but apart from their appearance, they are thoroughly modern – made of fibreglass composites, with comfortable padding and working ventilation.

Bell uses a special MIPS/FLEX patent in his best sports helmets (track and off-road), which ensures the safety of our brains during side impact – which introduce a rotational movement that can destroy neuronal bonds.

Bell also has an extensive STAR series – sport helmets, made of fibreglass and Carbon. It is divided into 3 segments: Star, Race Star and Pro Star. Star is the lowest model of sports helmet, Race is a model with better shell and ventilation, and Pro is already a professional shelf for racing.

This manufacturer is also present in the Offroad section of both MX, Enduro and Adventure.

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What Our Readers Say About Bell Qualifier?

Have a look what other motorcyclists say about this one!

Author: Matt | Motorcycle: Yamaha FZ6 600 Fazer (2004-2006) I bought it without much prior research, but I wasn’t disappointed. Definitely quieter than a Caberg Stunt, but less efficient ventilation, the padding is nice and soft, quickly adapts to the head. The windshield is great, it darkens momentarily, it brightens a little bit longer but it’s OK. As far as noise is concerned, in my opinion there is no tragedy, but it could be better, much quieter as in a caberg stunt BUT the place on the intercom is badly fitted, there is just a hole in the interior of the helmet which makes the helmet much louder on this side. Sealing this place with foam/bomb solves the problem. Generally, considering the price, it can be recommended 🙂
Author: Gareth On the plus side: price/quality, quite efficient ventilation, nice design, transitions glass, it lies well on your head, DD clasp. What’s not so good? Swish over 80 km/h, transitions glass sometimes too darkened but rarely. Summary – A low price as for such a good helmet and an oversized photochromatic glass. It’s a good alternative to helmets with a blend-on helmet because it does not weaken the shell DD clasp for me it is a plus for some it may be a bummer. If it wasn’t for the swish, my rating would be 9/10.
Bell Qualifier Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet - Raid Matte Black/Gray/Medium
2,773 Reviews

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