how to pick motorcycle helmet

How to choose a motorcycle helmet to serve us well for a long time and we’ll feel comfortable in it? Fortunately, this is not too difficult a task. We have some practical advice for you on what to pay special attention to when choosing a motorcycle helmet

How to Pick a Motorcycle Helmet

A good choice of a helmet is essential for comfortable motorcycle rides. After all, it is the only thing a motorcycle rider has to wear by law. Remember, there’s no reason to save money on a helmet! The more you can spend, the better. Of course there are cheaper options and we have already presented them to you, but they will never be as safe, comfortable and quiet as more pricy models. If quiet motorcycle helmet is what you’re looking for we recommend seeing our guide and tests on choosing quietest motorcycle helmet.

But now we will tell you exactly what to pay attention to while shopping. We would like to inform you right away that painting is a nice thing, but it will not actively protect your head. We therefore recommend a more pragmatic approach.

First consider all the aspects that affect your safety, such as the material used in production or the clasp, and only then think about the graphics and design.

When it comes to painting itself, think about a light shell or fluo painting. They are more visible to other drivers.

What else to pay attention to when entering the living room and accessories from top to bottom clogged with shiny shells, which you just want to have?

First of all, let’s start from scratch. The first thing you need to think about is the kind of shell and where you’re going to drive. It is supposed to be a jet, a helmet with an open jaw or maybe an integral shell. The latter is the safest one, although it doesn’t fit everyone because, as some people claim, it’s not very comfortable to wear. Personally, I ride mainly in such helmets and the explanation of comfort does not convince me.

Helmets with open jaws are usually appreciated by motorcycle tourists. However, if you choose something from the low shelf in this segment, you may find that the shell is quite noisy. It is also always worthwhile to check the clasp of the jaw, whether the button cannot be pressed by accident while opening the shell and whether the helmet’s jaw in the closed position is definitely holding well.

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An open shell, on the other hand, will work well in town on all kinds of scooters. Remember that these types of helmets come with different lengths of glass. Those with short glasses look very nice, but they do not suit me personally when riding due to the wind.

So think carefully, especially if you have to spend a lot of money on the shell, which is supposed to serve you well for a few nice seasons.

Make sure your helmet complies with the European standard ECE 22-05. If the helmet is not properly annotated in its shell, put it on the shelf and never take it in your hands again and do not try to ride in it.

How To Choose Correct Size

As usual in the universe, size also matters with motorcycle helmets. Never buy a shell without first trying on it. Not for nothing there is a saying among some motorcyclists that you either have a head for Araia or Shoeia. It is worth remembering that different manufacturers design the inside of the helmet a bit differently. In one, in size M you will be comfortable, in another not. Something may squeeze, frown or just don’t fit, and after 100 km of driving in a given helmet you will be coming off the motorcycle with a headache…

The helmet itself is to be a tight fit. After wearing it, it is not advisable to look like a hamster, but the shell must not be too loose either. There is no option here that you pull the belt under your chin tighter. The helmet must sit firmly on the head during an accident, which will prevent it from being pulled down during friction against the asphalt.

It is also worth considering the buckle. Snaps, micro locks or DD? The latter are the safest. Some people say that it is uncomfortable because the belt has to be put through the right eyelets, in the right order… If you can fasten the belt on your ass you can do it too, it is really not quantum mechanics!

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Good motorcycle helmet – pay attention to the details

Once you have chosen the right size of the shell itself, you should pay attention to other aspects. The lighter the helmet the better. It won’t weigh you down after a long ride. Of course, the material itself is important.

Look at the ventilation too. For example, an unclosed air intake on the jaw can be annoying. Just as uncomfortable adjustment. Efficient ventilation can be a little louder, but you’ll appreciate it when the heat is pouring from the sky.

It’s also worth looking at the glass. Whether it is easy to open and close it, disassemble it to put on a tinted version, for example, or whether the helmet has a sunblind. We also recommend pinlock viewfinders. This patent for not vaporizing the glass works better than any kind of chemical layers that prevent vaporization (at least from my experience so far).

It is also important whether the shell has a removable interior. Of course the liner can be washed without removing it, but when it can be removed it is much more comfortable. The material used especially for cheek pads should be soft and not irritate the skin. It is worth remembering that some manufacturers offer the above mentioned inserts in several different sizes, which may make it easier to fit the interior to the shape of the face.

If you have such a possibility it is worth to take a ride in a given helmet and check it on your own head.

Should I Buy Used motorcycle helmet?

It’s always an option. It’s certainly better than buying Chinese crap, which will break if you close the glass too aggressively, as long as the latter doesn’t fall off the shocks already during transport.

Remember that the helmet lining will fit into the shape of your head and cheeks during use. This means that the shell, which you may possibly see on some auction portal, may simply be uncomfortable. Besides, the sides of a helmet often break down after a while and lose their properties.

If you have to look at a used motorcycle helmet, look around for friends. Perhaps one of them will have a shell to sell, which is not 15 years old and in good shape. Of course it is also worth hunting for all kinds of sales and promotions.

Of course, buying a shell with a slight cut is also a bad idea. Helmets are designed to disperse the impact force on their surface. They are no longer usable after one accident.