Nolan N87 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Motorcycle helmets under 300$ are pretty popular pick amongst motorcyclists. That’s what we spend if we can’t afford premium products, and at the same time we want to take care of our safety. Nolan’s offer – N87, fits perfectly into this very market segment. So what do we get from Nolan for the price?

Nolan Unisex Adult N87 Metallic White Full Face Helmet N875270330051
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Shell construction

Nolan N87 is the successor to the popular N86. Its aerodynamic helmet shell is made from a multi-composite material called Lexan, or polycarbonate, reinforced with epoxy resin in sensitive areas. This construction is much safer than polycarbonate, also known as thermoplastic, which forms the shells of cheaper helmets. The N87 shell is made in two sizes to fit the helmet more closely to the biker’s head. Everyone will find the right size for themselves, as these helmets are adapted to the head size of the rider from XS to 3XL. The weight of a helmet for size M is less than 1500 grams.


The N87 helmet shell is equipped with an Airbooster ventilation system, which allows comfortable use even in high ambient temperatures with a tightly closed viewfinder.

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The helmet lining is made of a thick, anti-allergenic material (Clima Comfort), which makes the helmet more comfortable on the head. The manufacturer has also provided a comfort feature for eyepieces by using the EAS (Eyewear Adaptive System) in the cheek parts of the lining, which allows for comfortable wearing of corrective glasses. The lining is fully removable, which makes it easier to keep the helmet clean. Nolan N87 helmet is equipped with a special material chin, which prevents sand particles or insects from getting inside while riding.

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The helmet viewfinder N87 is scratch-resistant and, thanks to the factory-fitted pinlock, it is also resistant to evaporation. The windshield also protects the biker from harmful UV rays. Thanks to the internal sunblade (VPS) it is possible to ride safely in all weather conditions and at any time. The helmet viewfinder is installed in a very easy way, which allows for its quick removal. The viewfinder glass has 6 possible settings thanks to the multi-position opening system.


The Nolan N87 is a very comfortable Microlock 2 system. Fastening and unfastening the helmet will not cause any problems, even with gloves. This system is safe and very easy to use.

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Helmets in CLASSIC, RAPID, FLOW, HI-VISIBILITY versions are also prepared for installation of the N-COM communication system, which is a Nolan factory system.

Innovative LEDLIGHT system

An interesting feature is a new version of Nolan N87 helmet called LEDLIGHT. This helmet is adapted for installation of ESS or Emergency Stop Signal system. What is it? It is a stop light, which is placed in the back of the helmet, and during a sudden braking, a gyroscopic sensor, which intervenes with the system, activates the light in flashing mode, which informs other road users about a potentially dangerous situation.

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RIDE magazine opinion

Last year, RIDE journalists appreciated Nolan’s product, rating it 51 points out of 70 possible, and received the title of BEST BUY – the best price/quality ratio in their test.

Nolan provides a five-year warranty on its product.

Nolan Unisex Adult N87 Metallic White Full Face Helmet N875270330051
2 Reviews

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