Best & Cheap Portable Ice Maker 2019 Updated – Complete Guide & Reviews

best portable ice maker

If you use and enjoy ice, then buying an ice machine is one of the best investments you can make. Many men and women love to chew frozen water. They sometimes use spices and different flavors to make this experience even more pleasant. Of course, this form of frozen water is used in beverages and even in some foods. Instead of spending money on ice bought in grocery stores and restaurants, you can prepare some of it at your home. You can use these devices whenever you want and produce as much as you want. These devices are great for the health, they are convenient and they also come with many useful features. The market is full of devices like this, but not all of them have the same quality. In this article we will present a list of top 8 appliances and try to find best portable ice maker.

Top Rated Ice Makers – Quick Overview

Best Portable Ice Maker – Reviews

Whynter IMC-270MS 27-Pound, Metallic Silver

Besides producing high-quality cubes in a fast manner, this device can make 27 pounds of frozen water a day. The cubes actually look more like bullets and you can choose to make them in two different sizes depending on your needs. The device doesn’t require direct plumbing and comes with a 2-liter reservoir. You can expect the first batch of cubes in less than 15 minutes. This device by Whynter has strong compressor cooling, great capacity and it’s easy to use.

Gourmia GI500 Electric Compact Professional Stainless Steel

Gorumia is an established brand that has been making household appliances for a long time. One of their most popular products is this device which is able to create 9 cubes in less than ten minutes. It can also create more than 26 pounds in one day. Users can make cubes in three different sizes and the appliance comes with a timer, clock, LED display, auto turn off feature, refill alarm and 2-quart water reservoir.

Edgestar IP210SS1 Stainless Steel/Silver

One of the first things that you will notice on this unit is the stainless steel construction which promises long durability and stability. This unit can help you create icy cubes at any place as long as there is access to 115 Volt power. The process is very simple – simply pour water in the reservoir, press the button and that’s it. After six minutes you should be able to get the first batch of refreshing cubes. With its help you can produce up to 28 pounds of frozen cubes a day. The item weighs 25 pounds which is below average.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Stainless

This device by Magic Chef is following the standards in this industry which means that users can create up to 27 pounds of cubes in one day. They can also create cubes in three different sizes in less than seven minutes. What many people find useful about this unit is the presence of the large storage basket with a capacity of four pounds. This product has modern and attractive design too.

Newair AI-215SS Stainless Steel 50 Lbs. Daily Capacity

This latest product by Newair is made of stainless steel and it can create amazing amount of ice in one day – 50 pounds. Despite the huge output, the device can finish the task fast and on top of that you will get cube sin three sizes. Those who don’t have much time will love this product because it has a self-cleaning option too.

Whynter IMC-490SS 49-Pound, Stainless Steel

When we are talking about portable appliances with good capacity, we must mention the Whynter IMC-490SS, 49-Pound, Stainless Steel unit. With a capacity of 49 pounds you can rest assured that all your needs are met. One top of that, you can get a dozen of cubes every 15 minutes. The manual water tank has a capacity of five liters and the storage space comes with a capacity of 2.7 pounds.

EdgeStar Red

The beautiful red color and exterior is not the only attractive thing about this device. Namely, most users point out the speed of production of this unit. They can get cubes in less than ten minutes. It can also produce 28 pounds of cubes and it can store 2.5 pounds. Users should feel free to use bottled or tap water. The touch controls are very soft and users don’t need drain to use this device. It is ideal for boats, small kitchens and recreational vehicles. In case you are not a great fan of red color, you can buy one in black, stainless steel and titanium color too.

Edgestar IP210TI Titanium Gray

Edgestar IP210TI Titanium model is built for those who want quick and efficient device of this kind. The titanium finish will certainly help you place this unit in any area you want because it perfectly matches almost any style. Although it is relatively small, this device can create ideal cubes. Many users buy this product for their kitchens or for their offices. It weighs just 24.5 pounds which means that you can move it anywhere you want. Although it comes with great insulation, this is not a freezer and you should not expect this kind of features.

Best Cheap Ice Maker – Buying Ice Machine on a Budget

Ice makers are quickly becoming a regular household and business feature in this modern day and age. There is attested to by the several models on offer in the market today: for each type, whether commercial or consumer, countertop or undercounter, you can easily find several models, at several different prices, offering a wide array of options in one package. So which is the right for you? Unfortunately that is a question which only you can answer. Different businesses and different individuals would have different requirements and would thus require different devices. However, once the choice of the type of residential ice maker machine, the focus invariable switches to a very predictable factor: Price. It makes sense to go in for the cheap ice maker or better yet the cheapest unit on offer, right?

Well, not exactly.

First off, structure. Structural compromises on cheap appliances abound. They usually come in materials that are not as durable as you would like. This is especially true for cheap portable ice makers. While a solid standard device is almost guaranteed to come in long lasting, glossy stainless steel sheen or some other appropriate material, cheap models invariably come in badly thought out packages almost guaranteed to break down just after the warranty has been used up. The interior parts don’t stand the test of time, and in less time than you would appreciate, you are likely to start running into problems associated with a host of parts like the scoop or the tray breaking off around the edges, compelling you to either bring out the super glue or get a new one. Even though portable appliances in general, are not designed to last as long as their built-in counterpart, when a machine comes cheap time is never on your side.

Less expensive models also come with fewer perks than you would have enjoyed otherwise. In this case, you should not expect any recycling feature for the melted ice. You had better be vigilant and diligent in your doings because alarms to warn you of things such as an empty reservoir or an over-flowing bin go right out the window with cheap device prices, controls are hard to follow, at the same as they produce less than you could probably expect from a slightly more expensive model.

Cheap Ice Maker – Quick Overview

Experience they say is the best teacher and would probably reveal itself as such when you buy a cheap appliance.

Or you could delve a little bit deeper into your pockets and save yourself from a lot of trouble by purchasing sturdier, slightly more expensive models guaranteed to serve you better, for longer.

With that said and done, if you must go down that rabbit hole, then you would benefit from some direction and guidance, after all because if chosen wisely, a cheap appliance could become a pleasant gateway to the wonderful world of ice making.

Igloo Countertop Compact 26 lb

This device comes factory refurbished, and shows no wear and tear, and also commands a 90 day warranty. It is capable of churning out up to 26 pounds of ice in a single 24 hour cycle, and takes less than 6 minutes in producing a batch. It can thus be a useful tool for those who need a supplement because of high demand for ice in their business or for the occasional house party. It will pretty much answer your need with such a work rate. It also comes with an storage bin that can hold up to 1.5 pounds at a time which is pretty good if you find yourself in a situation where the rate of consumption is high such as during a peak period during the business day, or during a working day or when entertaining many friends. Cube sizes are adjustable.

For an device that comes cheap, it does not do badly in the end. At only 19.6 pounds in weight, it is certainly a very portable model, and thus sure to be of service in a wide array of scenarios.


Weight: 19.6 pounds

Dimensions:14.8 x 14.5 x 14.4 inches

Output: 26 pounds per day

Ice Storage: 1.5 pounds

Igloo ICE102

The Igloo ICE102 can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in a single day. Two cube sizes are on offer, and batches take about 6 minutes in the making, thus it is not only a hard working machine, but also a fast working one at that. Its bin is capable of storing up to 1.5 pounds at a time. The water reservoir takes as much as 2.3 quarts in one go. So you have a hardworking machine, very fast acting, capable of holding an adequate amount of ice at any time. With this appliance weighing only 20 pounds, you can easily see that it becomes possible to carry these perks everywhere you deem necessary like a camping trip, or aboard an RV.


Weight: 20 pounds

Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 13 inches

Output: 26 pounds per day

Storage: 1.5 pounds

Best Cheap Ice Maker – Summed Up

So there you have it; two cheap portable machines, small enough to carry anywhere, but with enough humph and power to solve just about anything. While the Igloo Countertop Compact 26 lb. Portable Freestanding Ice Maker is slightly larger in dimensions, it actually weighs slightly less than the smaller looking Igloo ICE102. Both of them represent the best as far as cheap ice makers go and are sure to serve you well for as long as can be expected.

Outdoor Ice Maker – Choosing Perfect Device for Camping, Trips & RV

Ice makers are a great way to fill all your ice needs. Whether for the business you run or for the home, you can always count on finding the right device that not only produces the right type of ice you need, but also at the required quantity. Life can be unpredictable, however. In fact the only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable. You may run into a need for ice at a time and place when you cannot count on help from your trusty appliance installed at home.
A common example would be in an recreational vehicle while on a camping trip, or on the roads. In such a situation, you would need, not only a device that is reliable (there is nothing worse than your appliance breaking down when you’re in the middle of nowhere, isn’t it?), but also one that fits into the general setup of life in your vehicle. Space becomes an issue. Outdoor ice maker that is not compact enough simply cannot do.
This is why the best devices for you when you are on the go are portable ones:
Firstly, they are small thus best suited to offer a solution to the problem of space. Such appliance does not only take up space while in action, but it can also be put away discretely after use.
The compromise on size by opting for portable as a choice for an RV ice maker does not necessarily mean a compromise on productivity. Portable Appliances do not only produce significant amounts of it, they also go about it with mind blowing speed! When these appliances are concerned, you can expect between 26 pounds to 50 pounds per day, with a batch usually coming in or around 10 minutes.
Another attractive feature them that make them perfect for outdoors is their compact nature. In addition to the rapid production cycle, they offer a little more like storage, many offer three choices of cube size, a good number of models come with recycling options where the water is recycled so that a mess is not made in your vehicle. Those that do not come with recycling features, have drains mounted for the efficient syphoning of water.
Their compact nature also means they require no installation past plugging it into the power supply. So your on-the-go device does not necessarily have to become a burden at any point during your trip.

Which RV Ice Maker Could We Reccomend?

At the end of the day, after all is said and done, what makes these devies perfect for your recreational vehicle, is the fact that they are portable. They can be carried anywhere. It can be everything you would need to meet your needs at anytime. To this end, certain devices stand out:

Edgestar IP210TI Titanium

This appliance, because of its small size, is perfect for boats and the RV! It produces up to 20 pounds of ice in a 24 hour cycle and as such it is a perfect go-to device for a variety of needs. A really attractive feature of this device is that if you use filtered or bottled water, the ice it churns out is tasteless. So even when it melts, your drink still tastes the same which is unlike the one you would get from a refrigerator. Batches take only 10 minutes in the making so it is a very fast acting device. It does not require a drain line, as any ice that melts is simply recycled and refrozen. This is just as well because the portable nature of the Edgestar IP210TI Titanium makes it possible for it to be taken practically anywhere from camping trips to boat rides to outdoor rallies, you name it. It offers up to three different sizes of bullet shaped cubes, which is a great feature, especially when you’re on the go.

It’s not the cheapest device you can get, but it’s definitely worth every penny you need to pay for it.

Dometic HZB-15S

Imagine all your ice needs laid to rest in an instant! This compact device with a dashing stainless steel finish is the key to unlocking that dream and making it a reality! It is capable of making up to 37 pounds of ice in a single 24 hour cycle, and is capable of churning out batches in under 15 minutes. The size of cubes also comes in 3 different sizes! Its high work rate makes it perfect for those who do a lot of entertaining, and for parties. The fact that it is so lightweight, small and does not require a drain line means that with this device you never have to worry about space in your vehicle or about running out of ice which constitutes the perfect compromise of size and efficiency that is a sign of any great portable appliance. Not needing a drain line also means that you can take this it pretty much anywhere you want to especially outdoors like on camping trips and boat rides. The touch display controls are easy to use, and come with alarms that notify when water in the reservoir is low or when the bin, which holds up to 2.5 pounds of ice at a time, gets full. In the event of any of the above, an auto-off feature kicks in that turns the machine off for safety and efficiency. Looking at the dometic HZB-15S under any light, it makes a pretty good rv ice maker.

Outdoor Ice Maker Can Make Your Trips Even More Pleasant

Roaming in the recreational vehicle is supposed to be a pleasurable adventure, but is also one that compels you to make really tough choices. Not everything can come along, and yet you would want to be as comfortable as possible for the adventure ahead. It is therefore a blessing that you can have a compact, outdoor RV ice maker as one of the above in your vehicle fit discretely, and at the same time can produce loads of ice, so that cutting things slim does not mean you have to lose your cool as well.

Setup And Maintenance Of Your Desktop Ice Maker

It is important to setup your device correctly and maintain it properly; it will save you a lot of headache later (you won’t have to worry about your appliance not working).

Portable Ice Machine – Buyer’s Guide

It is a hot summer day and you are sweating.  You go inside after doing some work and grab some water.  Reaching into the freezer, you take out some ice and plop them in.  Drinking it, you feel refreshed and ready to get back out there.  Keeping our beverages cold, ice is a relatively new addition to the American  household.  Prior to the 1960’s, ice was not common in most homes.  While a trade in ice has existed for millennia, it was mostly centered on preserving large quantities of food or only for the rich.

With the advent of the home refrigerator units, it became possible to keep perishable goods for longer.  In addition, the inclusion of a freezer allowed for food to remain frozen.  Suddenly making it became incredibly easy.  In over half a century, the technology has continued to improve, creating an entire industry of appliances and additions to existing units to help quickly freeze it.  Going well beyond a simple tray, these portable ice makers vary dramatically depending on need and manufacturer.

If you are interested in getting your own portable ice maker, then there will be a lot of factors for you to consider.  Along with the overall cost, you will have to factor in the design, the ease of use, power consumption output, and more.  In addition, you may want to consider certain brands and models if you have a specific use in mind.  Below is our complete guide to portable ice makers.

What Is A Portable Ice Maker?

For decades, making ice has been tied to the refrigerator and freezer.  More recently, stand alone appliances have been created specifically for the purpose of freezing it.  Serving no other function, these portable devices use electricity to power fans.  Many will also hook into a water line to automatically create it as needed.  The appliances can differ a great deal, weighing upwards of 20+ pounds.  While some fit into the freezer, others can be taken just about anywhere there is power, creating ice where you need it the most.

These devices are sold by a number of different companies.  The competition has helped to keep the overall cost of the appliances low while also leading to a range of additional features.  Things like easy to operate control panels; as well as insolated storage bags can make transportation easier.  There are also some models that reuse any extra water that results from melting; creating a system that wastes only a fraction of the water it takes in.  A final benefit of the competitive industry is limited warranties that protect you against possible malfunction of your device.

Why You Should Have One?

While some consider a portable ice maker to be frivolous or unnecessary, other people swear by them.  A typical freezer will take several hours to fully freeze into cubes.  From an energy standpoint, the process is pretty wasteful and time consuming.  Compared to a freezer, an portable device will require only 10 minutes to fully produce the ice.  In addition to taking a fraction of the time, it will also be able to produce far more in that shorter amount of time.

They are a great idea when you are on the go.  Many people swear by their use when camping in their RV.  Those with a small kitchen or apartment also like these appliances as they help to make up for a small freezer and limited space.  For example, if you want it on your boat, then the portable model is perfect for your needs.

While you may not consider one of these appliances at first, they provide a number of benefits that you and guests will appreciate.  With a production time averaging 10 minutes, you will have more than enough production to keep up with even the most demanding parties.  As you can locate it outside for something like a BBQ, you will be able to impress your guests with a constant stream of self-made ice.

Some people also prefer portable models because they are significantly more efficient than freezers.  A portable ice maker will use significantly less energy to create it.  Over the course of months and years of use, the difference in your energy bill will be noticeable.  Small, efficient, and highly practical, it is no wonder the industry is as large as it is.

People enjoy their portable device because it separates production from where food is stored.  This is beneficial because it can sometimes take on the odors of food in the freezer.  The end result is cubes that smell or are otherwise unpleasant.  Removing any issue of taste, the portable models ensure that the quality and consistency of your ice will remain great.  Because it remains completely separate, there is no worry of it developing a foul taste over time as well.  Whether it is the first time you use it or you are several years into steady use, your machine will guarantee a quality and consistency that no freezer can match.

The majority of portable models will provide options for the size and consistency of what it produces.  So, if you want giant cubes, then all you need to do is put the machine on that setting and you are good.  The same is true for things like shredded or smaller cubes.  It can be customized to meet your needs as a consumer.  A range of specialty portable appliances exist as well.  Designed for highly specific uses, they will help you do things like make flavored cubes or make things like shaved cubes.


  • Whether you are on a boat, going camping, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, the appliance can make it possible for you to have it wherever there is electricity
  • It requires only 10 minutes on average to produce it saving you more than an hour of waiting
  • Makes ice trays a thing of the past
  • Quality and consistency of ice is guaranteed with portable models
  • Control over the cube size and composition
  • Reliable technology allows for the continual production with few problems that can develop
  • Maintenance is easier than with other kitchen devices
  • Highly efficient with energy used compared to a refrigerator


  • May not be worth the cost if you have only 1 or 2 parties in mind where you would use it
  • Can be heavy and a challenge to move depending on the model and whether or not there is water inside
  • If there is a malfunction, you will need to ship it if it is under warranty, and consider a new model otherwise
  • Can take up a lot of room on your counter space

How Do Portable Ice Makers Work?

While there is some variation among portable appliances, the majority works as followed.  Depending on the model, there will either be a pipe or insertion point for water.  For manual portable appliances, there will typically be a basin on the top or on the side for water to be poured into.  For automatic models that tie into your plumbing there should only be an intake valve.

Once the water is in the device, the next step is to freeze it into the desired shape.  The water us sucked from the basin or intake and are poured into a molding tray.  If you have several options for the size of the cube, then the tray will change depending on the options available.  Once the tray is filled, the cooling process will begin.  With a smaller area to cool than a freezer, the portable machine can more quickly remove the heat from the chamber, freezing the cubes in the process.  Being specially designed for this, a portable machine will only require around 10 minutes to completely freeze the cubes.

Once the cubes have been frozen, an internal timer in the portable machine will activate.  It will dump the cubes into a basin below.  Many portable makers will include a large tray for cubes, allowing you to store some temporarily before use.  There is not much difference between small and large appliances, save for the scale.  The larger the machine, the more cubes it will be able to make.

Variations on this method include very large machines that use a different process for production.  In addition, there are a small range of specialty products designed for things like flavored cubes and specific kinds of shaved ice.

How To Select The Best Portable Ice Maker

There are four major questions you are going to want to ask before you purchase your best portable ice maker.  The first question is how much ice do you need?  There are two major considerations here.  The first is the normal amount of people in your house.  How many cubes do they consume?  The second thing to consider is parties and events.  How many people typically show up and will a smaller unit work fine?  What you want to get is the smallest, least expensive product for your need.  As a final consideration, be aware that any product can be pretty big and take up a lot of room.  So, if you want one in your kitchen, be prepared for it to take up some counter space.

The second question you want to consider is storage.  Portable devices typically cannot store what they produce for that long.  They are meant to create it, but not hold it indefinitely.  So, you will need to empty the bucket once it is full.  This will require either using it or storing it if you do not want it to melt.  The larger the machine, the more it will be able to store.  In addition, the price also increases with size and capacity.

A third consideration is the size of the cubes you want.  Some portable machines produce only a single kind of cube.  Other machines are a bit more fancy, providing you with several different options when it comes to size.  If you like variation or have picky people in your home, then you will want to go with a model that provides variety.  Be aware however that these models are far more expensive.  Basic models will produce a small, medium, and large sized cube with the large size being what you would get with a tray.

The last thing you should consider is the maintenance of the portable machine.  Basic maintenance is easy and requires little more than wiping down the inside walls and the outside.  You can also use lemon or other light acids like a cap full of vinegar to stop anything from growing.  Beyond basic maintenance however, there will be a gap between how easy the portable machines are to clean depending on their manufacturer.  Be sure to consider maintenance and replacement of pieces when you make your purchase, as these things may have to be done after several years of use.

Before making the order, shop around and see what brands produce portable ice makers.  Compare them based on the criteria listed above until you narrow it down to a few choices.  Ask your friends if they have any recommendations among your list.  In addition, review customer reviews online to see what other people thought about the ice maker that you are interested in getting.  People tend to feel strongly about portable ice makers and they will provide a detailed account of their experience using it.  Through their experience, you will see how they liked or disliked it, giving you the information you need to make a fully researched decision.  Do so will take an hour or so and keep you from a great deal of potential time and hassle.

Anything Else?

Portable ice makers are a fun addition to any home.  They are a fast, quick, and efficient way to produce a lot of cubes.  Whether for a busy family or for a party, a portable machine can ensure that everyone remains happy, even during the hottest months of the year.

Ice Maker Not Working? Not Making Ice? Find Out How To Fix It!

Unless your entire unit has died a death and needs replacing, fixing a malfunctioning appliance is often a simple and straightforward procedure. When looked at logically, ice is just frozen water so there has to be a simple reason for your ice maker not working properly. The problem must lie with the unit’s power or with the water supply.

The most common problems are:

  • Thin or hollow cubes
  • Water not freezing and no cubes forming
  • Ice tastes bad

Of course there are other technical problems which can arise but those will require an expert hand to correct so let’s concentrate on what we can do for ourselves.

Ice Maker Not Working – Basic Maintenance

All of the above problems can be traced back to one of two causes: the power source and water supply. Simple pre-emptive ice maker troubleshooting can avoid these problems ever arising and will often resolve the same issues.

Power Source

  • Condenser Coils. The freezer should be maintained at a temperature of between -12 and -18 degrees Celsius (0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit) to function properly. The most common reason for a temperature malfunction is blocked condenser coils which can easily be reached and cleaned. The coils are normally located behind a front or rere access panel and can be cleaned using a long-handled bristle brush and a vacuum cleaner. The condenser coils should be thoroughly cleaned at least every eighteen months and preferably more often.
  • Evaporator Coils. A bit trickier, and you will need to consult the manual to locate the evaporator coils, but these also need regular checking. There should be an even coating of frost on each coil and if this is not the case there could be a leak or blockage in the system. If cleaning the coils doesn’t work then, unfortunately, an electrician will be required to sort out the problem.

Water Supply

  • Water Pressure. Incorrect water pressure is the single biggest reason for an ice maker not making ice. Water pressure must be at least 20 PSI or the unit will not function well or not at all. To test the pressure, simply disconnect the water inlet line from the inlet valve (usually at the rere of the unit) and run the water into the sink or a bucket. If the water flow is poor then the problem lies with the water pressure in your home but if this is not the case then the water inlet valve could be obstructed or damaged and need replacing.
  • Water Quality. Sometimes the ice may taste “bad” or “slightly off” or is just discolored. This can be caused by chemicals or other additives in your household water supply. Fitting a filter to the freezer supply line will, as like as not, solve the problem. Other simple remedies include cleaning the unit thoroughly and flushing out the supply line.

Other Simple Problems and Fixes

Cubes Too Small or Large

Make sure there is enough water getting through to the freezer unit by checking the water supply valve and line as well as the inlet switch and valve.

Water Leaks

Most often caused by the freezer unit not standing upright and level. Check both, as well as the water supply line for leaks.

Expert Help

Quite a lot of the reasons for your ice maker not working properly can be avoided with proper maintenance and care before any problems arise. However, not all problems can be resolved easily and if in doubt – take no chances! For safety’s sake it is worth spending a few dollars to call in a qualified electrician.

Never attempt any repairs, or even cleaning, without first disconnecting the power as a faulty unit can easily be replaced and not having ice cubes in your gin and tonic shouldn’t be a matter of life or death!

Have You Found Your Best Countertop Ice Maker?

There is no doubt that compact ice machines are quite handy devices. This is the reason why the interest in this product is growing every year. The most famous brands like Edgestar, Magic Chef, Whynter, Gourmia and Newair are upgrading their models every year and they include the latest technological solutions in their devices which make this process even more enjoyable and easy. Using these devices is very easy and the models that we have listed here can help you make as much ice as you need. Keep in mind that buying the best portable ice maker online is much more convenient and more affordable because you will get the best price and the product will be delivered at your home.


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