Pest Control – Most Popular Rodents

most popular rodents

Pests can be a nuisance, especially round certain months – when certain rodents decide to start invading our homes… If you inform yourself about pest control, you’ll be well-prepared for when you find rodents within your home. Whether they are roaches, cockroaches, rats or anything. There are many types of pest control too, some are lethal, and some aren’t lethal.

Lethal Types of Pest Control

Lethal pest control is frowned upon in some states, however it is extremely effective. For instance, by using mouse-traps within your home, this kills any mice or rats which walk into the trap – this effectively rids your home of rats. There are other lethal methods too, such as using a weapon to hunt the rodents. Within your home, you most likely won’t use a gun, however many people choose to use an air-rifle to hunt small pests within their home. This is a popular option as it doesn’t cause much damage to your home, is quiet – and is also effective. If cockroaches are your problem you may want to see our guide on best roach killer for apartments.

Chemicals can also be used to kill pests. For instance, farmers usually spray chemicals on crops, which deter or kill any pests which try to eat the crops. This helps improve their yield. You can also buy bait which is chemically modified, to kill rodents. This can be left around the house or garden, and once ingested – will kill the rodent. This isn’t recommended if you have pets or small children though, as it is extremely dangerous and can be deadly once ingested.

Non-Lethal Types of Pest Control

You may not want to kill pests within your home, and there are many other ways to deter them. For instance, certain smells can deter animals from your home. Citronella candles can help deter pests such as flies and mosquitoes – without killing them. This is a great way to get rid of pests within your home, mainly because it works – and you might find it hard to shoot a mosquito with an air rifle!

This is also usually a cheaper option, only requiring certain sprays which deter the pests. For instance, some fly sprays are designed to get rid of pests, by deterring them through a smell which they hate. Some fly sprays are lethal, so make sure you keep an eye out and read the labels when you purchase your pest control products.


It is important to stay safe while using pest control products, especially lethal ones. All pest control products can be dangerous to humans, so make sure they are not ingested, breathed or left around the home. If you have small children or pets, make sure they are stored safely, out of their reach.

This is especially important for bait, and traps – as if your child or pet finds one, they may try to touch it to find out what it is; this can injure them or even poison them – so make sure to stay safe. If any incident does occur, ring the appropriate poison helpline for your state.


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