best portable ice maker for rv

At the end of the day, after all is said and done, what makes these portable ice
makers ideal as RV ice makers, is the fact that they are portable. They can be
carried anywhere. When you RV acts as a stand for your business, they become
your outside ice machines. If your destination is a camp site, they become a
camping ice maker. The compact portable ice maker is the perfect mobile ice
machine. It just is! It can be everything you would need to meet your ice needs
at any time. Let’s try and find Best Portable Ice Maker For RV! To this end, certain potable RV ice maker models stand out:

Edgestar IP210TI

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker - Titanium
376 Reviews
EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker - Titanium
  • Portable unit – no drain required. Produces ice in as little as 10 minutes.

This compact portable ice maker, because of its small size, is perfect for boats
and the RV! It produces up to 20 pounds of ice in a 24 hour cycle and as such it
is a perfect go-to device for a variety of ice needs. A really attractive feature of
this RV ice maker is that if you use filtered or bottled water, the ice it churns
out is tasteless. So even when the ice melts, your drink still tastes the same
which is unlike the kind of ice you would get from a refrigerator ice maker.
Batches of ice take only 10 minutes in the making so it is a very fast acting
portable ice maker. It does not require a drain line, as any ice that melts is
simply recycled and refrozen so it also works well as an outdoor ice machine.
This is just as well because the portable nature of the Edgestar IP210TI
Titanium makes it possible for it to be taken practically anywhere from
camping trips to boat rides to outdoor rallies, you name it. It offers up to three
different sizes of bullet shaped ice, which is something ice lovers are bound to

If you need more information on ice makers, check our comprehensive portable ice maker guide.

Dometic HZB-15S

Imagine all your ice needs laid to rest in an instant! This compact portable ice
maker with a dashing stainless steel finish is the key to unlocking that dream
and making it a reality! It is capable of making up to 37 pounds of ice in a single
24 hour cycle, and is capable of churning out batches in under 15 minutes. So
whether on the road as an RV ice maker, or outdoors camping as a camping ice
maker, you simply never have to worry about ice again. The size of the ice also comes in 3 different sizes! Its high work rate makes it perfect for those who do
a lot of entertaining, and for parties. The fact that it is so lightweight, small and
does not require a drain line means that with this compact portable ice maker
you never have to worry about space in the RV or about running out of ice
which constitutes the perfect compromise of size and efficiency that is a sign of
any great RV ice maker. Not needing a drain line also means that you can take
this ice machine pretty much anywhere you want to especially outdoors like on
camping trips and boat rides, making this outdoor ice maker a pretty handy
mobile ice machine. The touch display controls are easy to use, and come with
alarms that notify when water in the reservoir is low or when the ice bin,
which holds up to 2.5 pounds of ice at a time, gets full. In the event of any of
the above, an auto-off feature kicks in that turns the machine off for safety and
efficiency. Looking at the dometic HZB-15S under any light, it makes a pretty
good RV ice maker.

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Best Portable Ice Maker For RV – Bottom Line

Roaming in the RV is supposed to be a pleasurable adventure, but is also one
that compels you to make really tough choices. Not everything can come
along, and yet you would want to be as comfortable as possible for the
adventure ahead. It is therefore a blessing indeed that compact, portable RV
ice makers such as the above two exist which can fit discretely in any RV, and
at the same time can produce loads of ice, so that cutting things slim does not
mean you have to lose your cool as well.

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