growing green tomatoes
Green tomatoes are a mainstay in many recipes and dishes thanks to their distinct flavour and unparalleled texture. These delicious vegetables are often grown in the summer, but there are a few varieties that have been acclimated to colder weather and climate. Growing green tomatoes depends on the kind of tomato you have. If you want to bring out the best of your vegetables, make sure you read up on these helpful tips and tricks.

Tips on Growing Green Tomatoes

  1. Sowing Your Seeds – Of course, having your perfect tomatoes starts off by sowing seeds in shallow containers indoors. The ideal time to sow seeds would be after the final frost of the spring or 6 weeks before the assumed transplant date. Make sure that you sow the seeds a half an inch deep, moisture-free, soilless starting mix and keep them in a warm room, anywhere from 65 to 90 degrees F. These require just a small amount of moisture. It’s ideal to keep the soil mildly wet but not completely soaked to encourage seedlings to start popping.
  2. Growing Process– Now that you have a bunch of seedlings, it’s important to keep in mind that they grow best with well-drained, well-fertilized soil. Loamy soil is best for a large amount of tomatoes and should be your soil of choice when taking on the challenge. But, if you want to yield your harvest faster, lighter, well-drained, warm soil is ideal for faster growth. It requires at least 8 hours of direct sunlight in a day for them to grow, so make sure you keep your seedlings in a well-lit location once they’ve started to spring up.
  3. Transplanting – Wait for the last frost to pass and for temperatures to come back to a warmer setting. The ideal temperature would be one that doesn’t make it below 50 degrees F at night as temperatures that are colder than this will stress out and potentially destroy struggling tomato plants. If you want to harden your plants before you transplant them outside, reduce the water you give it and do not expose it to cold temperatures.
  4. Telling if They’re Ripe – It can be pretty hard for first time tomato growers to distinguish whether or not they’ve got a ripe harvest. To tell if you’re done growing your green tomatoes, give them a firm grasp just enough to see if they’re soft. If they’re soft to the touch, then they’re definitely ripe for the picking.


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