when to plant tomato seeds

When to Plant Tomato Seeds – Things to Consider

  1. Type of Tomato – First things first – what kind of tomato plant do you have? There are over 7,000 different kinds of tomato and each one grows with slightly different requirements. There are tomatoes, like the Brandywine Tomato, that prefer to grow in much colder climates thus necessitating gardeners and farmers to start sowing their seeds at least 6 weeks prior to the last frost. Then there are those that are ideal for warmer climates, such as the everglades tomatoes. This specific type can be grown in much warmer regions, allowing gardeners to start as late as August.
  2. Climate and Weather – If you live in a warmer location, it’s ideal that you choose a tomato plant that is resistant to both heat and pests. This is because there are certain types of garden pests that thrive in warmer climates and these could threaten the health and life of your tomato plant. The best way you can figure out when is the right time depending on your location would be to understand the climate and weather. If you live in a hotter location, you can opt to start closer to the frost, as the temperature won’t be too cold by that time anyway. But if you live in a location that experiences a great temperature drop during the frost, you should start with your seeds sooner in the year.
  3. When You Want Your Harvest – Another great way to determine the best time for planting your seeds is by considering when you want your harvest. If you want to pick your tomatoes before winter, then you should start them at least 6 weeks prior. If you want to harvest your yield in the summer, opt to plant them later in the year. Do remember however that tomatoes picked in the summer should survive through the winter first. See to it that your winter season isn’t too cold to give your tomatoes the best chance at survival.


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