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A flat belly with a light muscle outline is a dream of almost every woman. With the coming of spring, we are more and more often asking ourselves questions about methods for a pretty belly, without the folds of fat and bacon rolling. Of course, when we have been struggling with the problem of excess weight for many months, we will not get rid of it in a week, but already after that period we can observe a loss of a few centimetres at the waist. What to eat and train to have a nice belly?

Flat belly proven methods

Flat belly

A flat stomach is a pride and a sign of attraction for many women. A slim stomach is a sign of care, preserved form, healthy eating and looks beautiful in tight dresses.

Meanwhile, the stomach and its surroundings are the most problematic area for women. This is where fat is usually deposited. To remove it, it will be necessary to combine a well-balanced diet, which will allow for the reduction of adipose tissue and regular physical activity, which will contribute to intensify the process of metabolism, faster fat burning and muscle sculpting.

A properly selected diet should select food products and compose them in a way that will make it easier for the body to burn the accumulated fat from the abdomen and its surroundings and prevent its re-deposition. Each reduction diet requires the use of sacrifices and observance of specific dietary rules.

Training should be constructed in a way that, in addition to modelling and strengthening the muscles, will allow for the loss of unnecessary fat tissue. It should be remembered that even the strongest muscles will not be visible underneath the fat tissue. So it is best to combine aerobic and strength training.

Ways (methods) for a flat belly

A large number of women complain about their stomachs. Meanwhile, there are many proven and easy ways to have a flat belly. The most popular methods for a flat stomach are:

The art of proper eating is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of bloating problems; eat slowly, in no hurry and chew every bite of food carefully; it is best to have five meals every day;

Fibre – low-fibre foods with a high fibre content are a good way to get a lean belly;
water – drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of liquid per day and preferably most of it should be non-carbonated mineral water;

it is worth drinking infusions of herbs that accelerate digestion (ginger, peppermint, dandelion, artichoke);

eating a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast every day helps avoid eating during the day and constipation and bloating;

lunch should be eaten around 14-15.00, later it may be less well digested;

last meal should be eaten two hours before going to bed; it is good to keep it light;

it is worth excluding products with bloating properties (legumes, pears, plums, apples, fried and fatty foods, carbonated drinks) from the diet;

daily, even 10-minute exercises will make your belly much slimmer and stronger;

daily abdominal massage will contribute to improving circulation, relaxing muscles and stimulating intestinal work;

frequent walking on the so-called inhalation (shoulders tightened and hips slightly extended forward) will strengthen waist muscles.

What to eat to get a flat belly?

A diet and exercise on a flat stomach is the best combination for successful weight loss. What to do and eat to have a flat stomach? Every reduction diet requires a change of diet with a particular emphasis on prohibited products.

During a weight-loss diet it is worth giving up: white bread, saturated fats, alcohol, carbonated and sweetened drinks, white rice and all sweets and sugar.

Fried and baked dishes are not recommended. It is worth thinking about cooking an infusion or baking, but without using fat.

Products that will help you fight for a nice belly will be: wholemeal, dark bread, lean fish and meat, lean dairy, legumes (soya, chickpeas, beans), products rich in unsaturated fats (olives, nuts). Fresh or dried fruit will be a good alternative to fruit. It is worth using spicy spices and drinking black coffee.

It is worth remembering that in a flat-bellied diet, the most important thing is to properly balance the nutrients and maintain the correct proportions of energy supplied. It is important to eat and drink large amounts of liquids regularly.

Slim and athletic stomach – what to train?

Appropriate exercises on your stomach will allow you to model your muscles and strengthen them. In this way the silhouette will achieve a slim appearance and the body will gain good condition and efficiency. Exercises will support metabolism and intestinal peristalsis and accelerate fat burning.

Due to the fact of very fast regeneration, it is worthwhile to exercise your abdominal muscles from 2 to 5 times a week. It is important to remember to choose the right activity, because the abdomen is involved in most of the exercises and it is very easy to overtrain it.

The group of the most effective flat abdominal exercises include:

Ski sit,
pulling your knees to your elbow,
lying down,
pulling the knees to the elbow of the cross,
the plank sideways,

Diet and exercise for a flat belly

The intention of achieving a flat and modelled belly is connected with a number of principles that will bring us closer to achieving our dream goal. A properly constructed menu should consist of 5 meals per day, and each should be eaten at intervals of 2-3 hours. Breakfast should be the most hearty and filling, while supper should be light and easily digestible. Every day at least 1.5 litres of liquids should be drunk. Special attention should be paid to avoiding gaseous products. It is worthwhile to include whole-grain and high-fibre products in the diet.

Exercise should be properly selected according to the composition of the body and its capabilities. In case of high fat content, it is worthwhile to combine aerobic and strength exercises. It is worth to train several times a week. It is good to start your adventure with training with individual consultations with a specialist.

How to have a flat belly in a week? Is it possible?

Many women are frantically searching the Internet for the answer to the question: “How to have a flat belly in a week or two? Of course, there are many methods that will allow you to slim your belly slightly in seven days, but you certainly should not expect spectacular results, especially when you have been struggling with excessive body fat in these parts of the body for many years or months.

Getting rid of a large, stomach that is out of shape, with visible deposits of excessive body fat is a matter of many weeks of hard work. We should start by making radical changes in our eating habits, by keeping the amount of calories absorbed per day in check, and ending with regular and appropriately selected physical effort. A few or even a dozen or so months will allow for changes in hormonal and metabolic processes in the body, which will translate into the durability of the effects achieved, lack of yo-yo effect and unpleasant health consequences.

So if our problem isn’t one overprogrammed kilogram or belly protuberant from bloating, we shouldn’t expect spectacular effects after a week of lifestyle change. In fact, however, this time is enough to reduce the waist circumference by a few centimeters and lose 1-2.5 kilograms of body weight through diet and exercise. The abdomen will not be quite flat, but the effect will be really visible. This is a very good start and an excellent motivation to continue our transformation.

Effects after a week of a flat abdomen diet
It should be kept in mind that in the first week the effects of weight loss will be mainly due to the loss of water and regulation of intestine work, rather than the reduction of body fat, so after that time it is not advisable to return to old habits, because with them the lost kilograms will return.

For a good start to a new, healthier way of life, which will allow us to achieve our dream figure, several rules must be followed:

cut your daily calorie requirement by about 300 kcal per day,
plan your meals a few days in advance,
eat 5 meals a day,
drink 1.5 – 2 litres of water per day,
drastically reduce the amount of simple sugars in your diet,
reduce the amount of fats in your diet,
avoid highly processed food,
reduce the amount of salt in your diet,
don’t overeat.


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