breakfast most important meal of the day

Can you remember what you had for breakfast? I am not a breakfast eater and I hear that is bad for me but my stomach just doesn’t seem ready to have food put into it until 10:00a.m. even though I get up at 6:00a.m. So breakfast is a difficult meal for me even though we are suppose to make sure we eat it.

A good breakfast gives us energy for the rest of the day and gets up off to a good start. A breakfast with protein is a good way to get our energy going and give us plenty of get up and go. Eggs are a good source of protein adn so is bacon and sausage that is why they are popular breakfast foods. Eggs are in many breakfast items, many times in the olden days the family only had one or two eggs so to mix them in pancakes or muffins was a way of letting everyone have some egg in the morning.

The pilgrims started the day after Thanksgiving Day with a breakfast of popped corn, sugar and milk. They didn’t know it at the time but it was the first cold breakfast cereal. The popped corn they had that morning was a leftover from the famous Thanksgiving feast.

Waffles are a good breakfast in my book they are crisp and tasty and have holes in them that can fill up with syrup. You can put many things on a waffle like fruit or cream. Waffles were introduced in the United States by Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson bought the first waffle iron over from France. Waffles became popular in the United State through street vendors but it wasn’t till later that the waffle iron became a main staple in American kitchens. The name waffle comes from the Dutch work wafel. Waffle is really a funny word.

The first European settlers brought pancakes with them when they came to the United States but they where not the first pancakes in the United States. The American Indians had already made pancakes here. Pancakes have been around for a very long time even the Egyptians had pancakes. Pancakes must be pretty good to have survived as long as they have. The first pancake mix was introduced the world in the late l800’s. It was a self rising pancake flour that you could purchase already mixed together for your convenience in making pancakes.

Having juice for breakfast is a great way to start your day with a little vitamin C. Many people start there day with juice and today we have so many choices to have as our breakfast juice. Orange, grapefruit, apple and a great many mixed juices are available for us to buy. So if you find you don’t like a particular kind of juice there are many more you can choose from till you find one that suits you. Grape juice was one of the first juices available on the market for people to purchase. It was easier to can grape juice then other jucies back then.

How ever you start your day it is important to start it with a nice relaxing breakfast. If you find it hard to get up in time to have a good relaxing breakfast you might want to consider getting to bed earlier so you can get up earlier and have more time for breakfast the most important meal of the day.


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