Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat

So many people believe that to begin a diet they need to get rid of all of the bad foods that have made them fat or contribute to their weight issues. It totally goes against most peoples “belief” that a diet that allows you to lose weight is a diet that limits your food choices and is something that is difficult and trying and a burden. The reality is this is so not true. A change in diet can mean a change in life that can be wonderful that will help you lose weight, feel good, increase your energy and helps you to look forward to the future.

Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Our western diet is full of junk. Toxins, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, sugar, corny syrup and chemical additives. These ingredients cause our bodies to want to eat more because we are not getting the nutrients we need in order to stay alive and healthy. So what you want to do is to reform your diet. Think about the things you really like and then work them into your diet in a way that allows food to become pleasurable and wonderful. With all of that said learning to eat well can be a challenge. It may mean having to change the way that you eat and how you shop but if you make a small commitment, three months you can change all of it and get to a place you where you will never want to go back to your old eating habits.

Here are some very easy simple changes you can make. I am going to give you a number of suggestions do not become overwhelmed. Take them one at a time. Try and incorporate one into your life at a time. It may take a week or two or three it does not matter. Take as long as you need to ensure your new habit is incorporated into your life. Some of these suggestions are easy and can be combined. Some make take a little more time that is OK. It has taken you years to learn bad habits give yourself a break and give yourself time to learn the new habits and when you fall off the horse and you will forgive yourself, get back on and move forward. This is life it and you will never be perfect all you can do is your best and some days will be wonderful and others not so great. The goal is to have more good days then bad

Diet Tips to Lose Belly Fat – What to add

1. WATER – you really cannot drink too much water so drink, drink, drink. Maybe have it delivered or find one you really like and then make it your goal to drink 100 ounces a week. If you want to do something even better substitute the water for something else you have been drinking – SODA – soda should not be your go to drink it is not good for you whether it is regular or diet it is bad for you so say goodbye. If you can switch from soda to water you will never go back. It may take a while and this is OK. If you need to have one glass of water for every two soda’s and then one for one and then only water. I promise you if you do this and you stick with it you will feel better and your body will thank you.

2. Add Fruit – I love sweet treats especially chocolate. I could eat it all day everyday and it does not have to be eliminated from your diet. What you want to do is incorporate the chocolate in a way that it lasts longer and you add some fiber and extra antioxidants. So no more opening a bar of chocolate and eating it without thought. You need to go out and buy some fabulous chocolate and some heavy cream and some very good fruit, some good ones are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apricots, blackberries any fruit that sounds good and is in season. Melt six ounces of good chocolate and six ounces of half and half. Dip the fruit into the chocolate and enjoy. You can also make a sundae, add the fruit to the ice cream and chocolate sauce.

3. Portions – I eat what is on my plate. Goes back to children in China never having enough to eat and a few other childhood issues so look at your portions. You do NOT have to eat everything on your place and you do not have to eat all of the donuts at the same time. You can save some for later. If you are afraid someone will eat your stuff put your name on it and tell the people you live with that you have a few little insanities and that they need to deal with them. Also remember if someone eats your last donut you can always go out and buy another one. One of the great things about living in the United States if we run out of something we can get more. So remember no matter how could something tastes it is not a one time deal you can get it again.

4. Start each meal with a salad or a clear broth soup. The salad can be very easy. Fresh greens and some dressing and the soup can be just a straight chicken broth with a few vegetables thrown in for some extra value. This is one of the easiest things you can do. Buy the greens pre-washed and get dressing that you like or make your own. A great recipe is a little vinegar, a little olive oil, some mustard and orange juice. Low fat and tasty. The dressing can be made in advance and will last for about a week. You can also find a bottled one that you like. Look at the calories it does not have to be fat free or taste free but it is worth it to pay a little attention

5.FRESH FRUIT – fruit can be even better then dessert. You do not have the sugar high and then dump, you get fiber and lots of antioxidants. Find beautiful fruit. Pieces that look as beautiful as they taste. Treat yourself to a beautiful bowl to hold the fruit and put it in a location where you can see it. Take the time to cut the fruit and put it on a beautiful plate. Sit down with a nice napkin and take bites and chew. Pay attention to your food. Bless your food. Enjoy your food.

6. Do not get rid of protein. Just eat it in reasonable portions. If you want a steak have a steak. The best steak you can buy. Flavor it and then cook it to the temp you like and eat every single piece and enjoy every piece. If you are eating steak eat it with a fairly healthy side. Steamed spinach topped with a balsamic reduction and some shaved parmigiana cheese or a baked potato.

What the goal is to eat what you want when you want in moderation. You do not have to give up anything. Food is not good or bad food is fuel and food is a pleasure. Food can sustain you through the worst of time and elevate the best of times to memories that will last a laugh time. The best thing you can do for your diet is to really pay attention to what you eat. Eat what you want. Eat in moderation and eat with the understanding that the way food tastes is just piece of the pie. Pay attention to the way food looks and the way it smells and the way it makes it feel.

If you make peace with food your body with make peace with your weight.


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