Should You Allow Your Bridesmaid to Do Your Wedding Day Hair and Make-up

Should You Allow Your Bridesmaid to Do Your Wedding Day Hair and Make-up? The wedding day is one of the most memorable, special days of a bride’s life as she is united in marriage to her husband. It is the one day in a woman’s life where she will want to look and feel as beautiful as possible both for her husband and for the camera. But as a bride, should you allow your bridesmaid to do your wedding day hair and make-up or would it be best to visit a salon?

Is the Bridesmaid a Professional?

Brides who accept the offer of a free makeover for their wedding day will want to make sure that they are not being too hasty. Their decision to accept their bridesmaid’s offer should reflect sound judgement. Is the bridesmaid a professional hairdresser or cosmetologist who has experience in wedding day hair and make-up? It is often far easier to trust a bridesmaid who is a professional, rather than an amateur whose expertise extends only so far as to doing the hair and make-up of friends or relatives. How will the bride react if the end result falls short of her expectations? Will there be enough time to make changes so that the hair and make-up matches the bride’s dress and mood?

Frugal Bride

A bride who is strapped for cash will sometimes accept the offer of one of her bridesmaids to do her hair and make-up, as these finer details of a wedding alone can cost a lot of money. Styling the hair and applying the wedding day make-up to the bride can also help to make a bridesmaid feel needed, rather than a mere appendage to the wedding party.

Alternative Gift

One of the reasons why brides are happy to accept the offer of a free makeover from their bridesmaid is to show consideration for them if they cannot afford to buy a wedding present for the couple.

It is ultimately up to the bride to decide if she is willing to accept the offer of wedding day hair and make-up from her bridesmaid. The decision will depend a lot on the level of trust that the bride has in her bridesmaid’s skills and judgement. Brides who are trying to save money on their wedding day can also benefit from foregoing a trip to the salon in place of a makeover from one of their bridesmaids. In addition, choosing to receive the offer of wedding day hair and make-up will take the place of a wedding present.


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