Looking for a decent USB condenser microphone that’s extremely easy to use and works with Windows and/or mac? Audio Technica 2020 USB Plus is a definitely solid pick.


Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone (Discontinued),black
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Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone (Discontinued),black
  • Side-address studio condenser with USB digital output (Windows and Mac compatible)

If you need a good microphone for podcasting, streaming, voiceover work or simply skype or google hangouts, then this product is worth taking into consideration. AT2020 is a condenser mic with low self noise levels. It offers a cardioid polar pattern, meaning that it does not capture signal from behind and sides of the mic. It works great when you’ve got a computer on your desk and don’t want to pick the noise of fans. It’s USB only which means it won’t need any preamps and might be perfect for recording on the go. On the other side, as it is USB only, you don’t have access to XLR functionality and you won’t be able to use it with any mic preamp. You must keep that it mind and ask yourself whether you might need the XLR port in the future or not.

The mic comes with a low tripod stand, a nice leather case, and, obviously, some documentation. However, the mount is pretty low and might not work well with certain desk setups.


Build quality feels really nice, it’s made of metal (both the body and the grill) and has a proper weight that you might expect from a decently made product. At the front of the mic you’ll notice a blue LED light, stating that your device is on and ready to record. Below that, you’ll have a dial to set the monitor level; you can mix between microphone’s audio and your computer’s audio. Next to it, you’ll find a headphone volume control dial. The back of the mic doesn’t offer too many features. The only thing that you can find there is a 3.5 mm jack port for your headphones. Manufacturer says that this device is compatible with both Windows and mac OSX, and… it really is. I’ve tested this mic on various different computers and systems and never had any issues. Using it is really straight-forward, and the mic itself is extremely reliable. That’s a big plus, especially when you’re not too tech-savy and just want a mic that you can plug and enjoy using right away.


The sound quality is great, and it can work pretty well for your acoustic instruments too. However, it does pick a bit of room ambience which might be a little troublesome if your room has terrible acoustics. Also, cardioid polar pattern is pretty wide and it might not be a perfect choice for gamers as it will pick up a little too much noise of keyboard and mouse.

  • Quality – 88%
  • Durability – 84%
  • Features – 82%
  • Sound – 89%


Overall, AT 2020 USB Plus is a good product coming at a great price point. However, it might not be the best choice for everyone. I can definitely recommend this product for podcasting, youtube, and voice-overs. It can be a decent mic for recording acoustic instruments like guitars, especially if you have some acoustic treatment in your room. If not, obviously, you might have some problems with room ambience, but that’s a drawback of most condenser mics. It’s an easy, simple, fast and extremely reliable microphone, providing you with great audio and excellent quality.

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