Best Pop Filter For Blue Yeti – The Pop or Auphonix?

Every condenser microphone needs a proper pop filter, and Blue Yeti is not an exception in this matter. A good filter can really make a difference and put a line between clumsy amateur recordings and professional sounding audio. We’ve tested a few products, and will try to answer the question that we ofter hear: ‘which pop filter for blue yeti should I get?’


Here are products that work great with your Blue Yeti mic. Both are great and it’s up to you whether you want to spend some more money and get a better looking product or just get the cheaper one and don’t care about the looks. Anyway, you can’t go wrong with any of these two.


Blue is most commonly know for making microphones, but are their mic accessories worth your money? In fact, Universal Pop Filter manufactured by Blue is actually a great product. It’s made of metal which makes it extremely durable and should easily last for years. When it comes to reducing the popping and hissing from your audio, this filter does a great job and is really transparent. Its rounded, metal mesh construction takes little space, looks great and does not affect your vocals.

However, on the downside, installation process might be a little bit tricky at first. You must make sure you allign it with the center of your mic stand, otherwise, it might not stick on the way it should. Also, installing it might scratch the back of your microphone stand so you got to be careful. All in all, it is a good product that not only works, but also looks great. If a attractive design and great quality is what you’re after, then ‘The Pop’ might be your best bet.

Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter
657 Reviews
Blue The Pop Universal Pop Filter
  • For use with any microphone


AUPHONIX Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1) – Easy-On 6inch Shield for Powerful Vocals Blocks Thud, Pop, BP Plosives, S Hiss for Clear as a Bell Sound – Double Optimized Mesh Filter Windscreen Cover Mask
809 Reviews
AUPHONIX Microphone Pop Filter (MPF-1) – Easy-On 6inch Shield for Powerful Vocals Blocks Thud, Pop, BP Plosives, S Hiss for Clear as a Bell Sound – Double Optimized Mesh Filter Windscreen Cover Mask
  • LET THEM HEAR YOUR MESSAGE...NOT YOUR MISTAKES: Don’t lose gusto focusing on breathing and mouth movements while you unleash your passion and purpose. Auphonix pop filter REFRACTS AWAY all the POPS,...

Auphonix pop filter is a cheaper alternative to Blue’s product. It offers double screen mesh which does its job just fine when it comes to peaking pops in your audio tracks. However, this one does not look as good as the previously reviewed product. On the plus side, installation is much easier, as you can clamp it to your microphone or even desk without much hassle. No need for drilling or spending too much trying to get the perfect adjustment. Just clamp it and you’re ready to roll. Also, you don’t need to worry about scratching your mount.

In addition, the gooseneck is high quality, allowing you to precisely set the position of your filter. On the downside, Auphonix only comes in the black color, which may not look really good with your silver or white Yeti.

Best Pop Filter For Blue Yeti – Bottom Line

Need more accessories for your Blue Yeti? You might also be interested in getting a mic stand.

Having a filter is really important when using a condenser microphone. It’s not a gimmick and a good filter really affects your audio quality. Without it, your plosives will be devastating for your audience’s ears and most likely will cause clipping in your audio track. This is why having a good pop filter is a must, and any of products mentioned above will work great and make a good pop filter for blue yeti.

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