What Does A Shock Mount Do? Do You Really Need One And Why?

In the professional industries, a good microphone can cost up to several thousand dollars, depending on its clarity, sound intensity, sound modulation and others. However, one accessory that most people are not aware of is a shockmount. Some microphones come integrated with one, while most companies will sell these accessories separately. Let’s see what does a shock mount do!


Depending on the type of your microphone, some may be more prone to reproducing sounds from the environment which does not add clarity to the voice. Studio microphones or recording ones should definitely include a shockmount in order to absorb low frequency vibrations which may come from the floors. There are numerous sources that can provide vibrations and interfere with your microphone’s clarity, including footsteps or foot tapping, passing traffic, drums, etc. The intensity of these vibrations also depends hugely on the type of environment you use for recording or reproducing the sound. Floors are also extremely important, such as the materials that cover the walls. Wooden floors are known to emit large amounts of vibrations, while concrete floors are more shock and vibration absorbent but can still leave a trace of unwanted vibrations.


Again, the answer depends on many factors. As previously mentioned, the recording studio in which you want to perform your activity is of high importance, as well as the type of microphones you are using. Some microphones come with an integrated shock mount while most others will require purchasing these as accessories.

If you own a home recording studio or most of your activity is displaced on a rather quiet environment, shockmounts may have a lesser importance, but still are useful. They might be especially useful for streamers and gamers who have their mics placed on their desk; using keyboard and mouse will transfer some vibrations to your microphone and a shockmount will help you reduce them.However, if you use regular stages or large recording studios where plenty of people come in on a daily basis and the level of vibrations is high, you will definitely require the help of a shockmount.


The main purpose of these microphone accessories is to lower the intensity of vibrations received and deliver a much clearer quality of the sound. But they also have plenty of other advantages, should you decide to purchase one.

For instance, the design of these shockmounts is usually a very cool one which may enhance the overall appearance of your recording stage or studio. Yes, you don’t necessarily buy a microphone accessory solely because it looks cool and goes with your studio vibe, but why not make the working environment a little nicer? Also, they have the ability to protect your microphone when you accidentally hit it with something, stumble across unwanted obstacles, or the microphone is tipped over.

However, buying the perfect shockmount may not be an easy or a cheap job. Purchasing a “universal” one that will fit with all types, sizes and masses of microphones may absorb some of the vibrations caught but will certainly not deliver the desired sound quality.

When buying a shock mount you must take into consideration that its suspension should match the microphone’s mass. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand and manufacturer, you may choose products provided by Neumann.


Neumann EA 4 Elastic Suspension Shockmount (Nickel)
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Neumann EA 4 Elastic Suspension Shockmount (Nickel)
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Samson SP01 Spider Microphone Shockmount
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Samson SP01 Spider Microphone Shockmount
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